Wilton Cake Decorating Course 1 – An Amazing Experience Comes to an End

November 5th, 2012 by Yvonne Busdeker

It was hard to believe that my Wilton Decorating Course 1 was coming to an end. I had learned so much in lessons 1-3, and was looking forward to the final class where I would put my new skills to the test.

Lesson 4 took the most preparation, and with good reason. I was going to make, decorate and present my final cake as a representation of the skills I’d learned over the previous three lessons. To prepare, I needed to bake two round cakes using my Wilton 9” baking pans.

With the cakes baked and cooled, I started to assemble my cake. For the base I chose another printed cake board, this time a fun Zebra Cake Board. I leveled both cakes with a Small Cake Leveler.

For filling between my two layers I used additional Creamy Decorator Icing, as the extra icing is my favorite part of a cake. With both of my cakes stacked, I iced and smoothed the outside of my cake and my canvas was then ready. Although I was pleased with my end result cake, I certainly want to work on the smoothing process for the future.

Cake Layer on Zebra Cake Board

Iced Cake on Zebra Cake Board

As with lesson 3, my cake was prepared and transported in the ULTIMATE Trim-N-Turn Caddy.

ULTIMATE Trim-N-Turn Caddy with Cake

My next step in class prep was to work on ribbon roses for my cake. For my roses I used white Decorator Icing. I believe the roses were my favorite technique learned in class. I look forward to using them on many treats to come!

Buttercream Ribbon Roses

After my prep for class was completed then came clean up. I’ve used decorating tips before to decorate gingerbread houses and cleaning the tips is quite a chore! However this time around I had the Dishwasher Tip Tray and it is hands down my new favorite product in my cake decorating tools kit! Most of my decorating tips fit right in and I placed it in the dishwasher for cleaning. How easy is that?

Dishwasher Tip Tray

When it was time to head to class I grabbed my Decorator Preferred Carry-All Tote, Decorator Preferred Decorating Caddy, and ULTIMATE Trim-N-Turn Caddy. The ULTIMATE Trim-N-Turn Caddy sat perfect on the floor of the car for traveling.

Upon arriving at class I prepared my work space by getting my ULTIMATE Trim-N-Turn Caddy ready as well as my Tool Caddy and icing colored and into my decorating bags. I chose some rich, bright colors. The theme of my cake was birthday for my neighbor Jill whose birthday party we were attending the next day. The pressure was on as I’d never made a cake for anyone outside my immediate family.

Caddy Turntable Feature
Happy Birthday Cake
Cake Side View

For my final cake I made hot pink ribbon roses with green stems, green writing and a purple shell border on both the top and bottom of the cake. I was so delighted with my cake and impressed that all my course instruction came together so nice and easy. I’m planning my future cakes already! All the students in the Wilton Cake Decorating Course 1 class passed with flying colors and made beautiful cakes to take home and share with their loved ones.

Course 1 Graduates

The next day I presented my cake at the birthday party and I’m happy to report it went over very well and tasted just as good as it looks. Everyone was amazed that I’d made and decorated it from scratch.

Want to learn the Wilton Method of Cake Decorating®? Check out our website for classes near you.

Yvonne Busdeker Yvonne is a Product Manager for Party. She is an artist who enjoys expressing her creativity through scrapbooking, card making, general crafting, and graphic design. She loves applying those talents to creating products for the Party team. Outside of work she enjoys time with her family and the outdoors, which fuels her creativity.

4 Replies

  1. I have enjoyed 3 of Wilton Cake Decorating courses & am ready to take the tall cake course as soon as it is offered. These courses were fantastic & the instructors were great. I have learned to do things I didn’t know I was capable of in cake decorating & I had so much fun doing it.
    I cannot get enough of the Wilton pans & equiptment that the Michaels store here carries. It is the best. Thanks so much.

  2. zarina hussain says:

    I want to learn all the 4 classes of wilton were and where can I join I live in Algonquin il 60110

  3. julie zambrano says:

    Took Course 1 and I loved it!

    Finishing Course 2 with a friend…and we worked out the schedule to take Course 3 next year..and we will take Course 4.

    We are sharing with our friends…as it’s also fun to do together 🙂

    (my father passed away a few weeks ago…and this has been like “therapy” for me…it’s helping me)

  4. Rozina Parkhurst says:

    My daughter needs to learn the basic cake decorating skills. What class would be good for her and where? We live in Elk Grove, CA.

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