Wilton Cake Decorating Course 1 – My Journey Begins

October 31st, 2012 by Yvonne Busdeker

When I was growing up, I did a lot of the cookie and cake baking for our large family. After I left home, my baking days were put on the back burner until I started my own family. Since I was known for my creativity, the simple iced cakes and cupcakes I had been making for years did not fit the bill. This spring, I finally signed up at my local Michaels Store for Wilton Cake Decorating Course 1. I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t be very good at it, but started to get excited as I gathered my supplies.

To begin, I picked up my Course 1 materials kit which came with the decorating bags, decorating tips and other tools that were needed. I added in paper towels and baby wipes for clean-up purposes, as well as icing color and icing.

I filled my decorating bags with two types of icing. The first was white Decorator Icing for my decorations and the other was Creamy Decorator Icing to be used for icing my cakes. Everything fit beautifully into my Wilton Decorator Preferred Carry-All Tote. This was so easy to carry all my items back and forth from class.

Carry-All Tote with Class Supplies

When I arrived at the first class I met Bernadette, our Wilton instructor. She was very welcoming and quickly made the course objectives clear. She broke down what we were going to learn in each lesson and what we needed for each. This made planning ahead much easier.

We began our first lesson by going through our course material and becoming acquainted with the decorating tips and other items in the box. We learned how to color our icing, fill a decorating bag, and hold a decorating bag.

Class Supplies and Materials
Class Practice Sheet
Correct Bag Position

We learned how to create basic decorations in our first class. The practice board that is included in the class kit was a welcome addition. It gives you a great way to practice over and over on techniques before you move to your actual treat.

This first class we tried our decorating skills out on some simple cookies, which by the end looked very cute and not half-bad to my surprise. Although it seemed like a simple exercise, I was excited at the wow factor that it added to simple sugar cookies from the grocery store. I was certainly looking forward to my next class.

Class Practice Cookies

Armed with the knowledge I had learned in my first class, I was ready to go home and practice my new skills, which were also part of my homework assignment for the next lessons. I knew baking cupcakes and mixing icing would be part of the agenda, and I couldn’t wait to see how they would play into lessons two and three.

Want to see what happens next? Be sure to stay tuned for my next posting, where I’ll share my newfound experience with icing and buttercream transfers.

To learn more about all the Wilton Method® classes and find a class near you, please visit our website.

Yvonne Busdeker Yvonne is a Product Manager for Party. She is an artist who enjoys expressing her creativity through scrapbooking, card making, general crafting, and graphic design. She loves applying those talents to creating products for the Party team. Outside of work she enjoys time with her family and the outdoors, which fuels her creativity.

19 Replies

  1. Susan says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    Great blog! What tips are included in the course 1 kit? I took the class under the old curriculum and now my daughter is taking the class ( starting Wednesday). I want to get my supplies ready for her take to class. I have a lot of tips so I just want her to take the ones she needs for class. I can’t seem to find this information anywhere online.
    Thank you so much.

  2. Yvonne Busdeker says:

    Susan – The tips included are as follows:

    402-1 Round Tip #1
    402-3 Round Tip #3
    402-12 Round Tip #12
    402-16 Star Tip #16
    402-18 Star Tip #18
    402-21 Star Tip #21
    402-104 Petal Tip #104
    402-352 Leaf Tip #352
    402-2110 Large Star Tip #1M
    402-230 Bismarck Tip #230
    402-2004 Drop Flower Tip #2D
    402-233 Multi Opening Tip #233

    I hope your daughter enjoys the class. It was a great deal of fun! I’ve used the techniques from the classes several times since them.


  3. wendy says:

    hi! in actually thinking of taking these classes but i wanted to know if it was worth it? how much money did you waist in total for the 4 course?

  4. Molly says:


    I am taking the Second (Flowers) Wilton Cake Decorating Course and Michaels didn’t give me a list of items I need to bring. Would you happen to know what they are?

  5. Yvonne Busdeker says:

    Molly –

    You can see the list of items to bring at the below link:


    Enjoy the class!


  6. Samantha A says:

    do u end up designing cakes or just cookies , and do they make the cake for u?

    • Yvonne says:

      Samantha – We designed cookies, cupcakes and then a cake for the final project. The cookies I purchased at the store. The cupcakes as well as the final cake we made ourselves.

      – Yvonne

  7. victoria says:

    hello im Victoria and im starting this class today but I lost my supplies list and so is this the stuff you have to bring to the first course class?

  8. Monique says:

    Hi Yvonne:

    I’ve enrolled in the course and will begin in October 2013 and would like if you recommend investing in the wilton travel bag. I also invested int the Ultimate Decorating Kit, and want to know were there any other items required to be purchased that was not included in the starter kits.

    Thank You in advance for responding to my inquiry.

    • Yvonne says:

      Monique –

      I found the Wilton Decorator Preferred Carry-All Tote to be very helpful. I’m a crafter and have bags for each craft to make traveling easier. This one fit everything I needed for the class. I cleaned out and restocked in between classes and set the bag aside until it was ready to go. It made for easy storage at home and easy for going to class.

      I hope that answers your question.


  9. Veana says:

    I would want to know if this is just a begginers class only. Because im not really a begginer a know how to decorate cupcakes and stuff like that but im not really good. I wanted to know if we get to decorate the actual cakes? Thanks!!

  10. katie says:

    Baking is my favorite thing to do when eating sweet foods.

  11. rosie says:

    Starting the first class today and didn’t get a list of supplies needed? ?? Any idea? ??

  12. Kameshia says:

    Hi I am taking this course 1 I wanted to know if the 6 un-iced cupcake it’s on the list of supplies do I have to bring it in on the first day.

  13. Lovebird says:

    Hi, I want to take the class
    Do we have to buy the material kit or do you provide it? How much does it cost if we have to buy it. Does the kit include everything for course 1?

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