Wilton Can Make Dreams Come True in Many Ways!!!!

July 20th, 2010 by Cheryl Brown

The Decorating Room…the place where all the magic happens at Wilton!!!!

In the Decorating Room we create all the projects/cakes you see in all of our publications, like our 2011 Wilton Yearbook. In addition, we do everything you see on the packaging of our products, signage for retail store, and project sheets you see at many of your local crafting stores that carry Wilton products. We also create projects for many of the shows we attend, like the annual ICES (International Cake Exploration Societé) convention each year, sometimes shipping to as far away as Japan and Australia.

We work in many mediums from icing to fondant to gum paste, as well as candy and cookies. Each day is filled with new projects and constant exciting creative challenges.

Amber SpiegelCurrently, we work with 7 full time and 3 freelance decorators. We are always busy creating and bringing projects to life for photography. Earlier this year, we hired a new decorator as a permanent member of our decorating team, Amber Spiegel. To Amber, this is her dream job.

Amber has always loved cake decorating. While in college studying for her business/marketing degree, she worked as a Baker’s Apprentice.

She decided she wanted to be a baker/pastry chef and after college decided to enroll in culinary school. While in culinary school, she worked in different capacities as a pastry chef/baker with award-winning chefs learning everything from preparing to finishing to presenting desserts, as well as tempering chocolate for truffles and décor of pastries.

Through this time, Amber realized while working in the bakeries that her real love was in the decorating and that is what she wanted to do. She started doing more research into a decorating career and Wilton classes. While on the Wilton website, Amber came across information about the Romantic Castle Cake Contest. With her family’s support and encouragement, she decided to enter.

Amber Spiegel Castle Cake

Amber worked for three days on the project and then entered the contest. She waited for months and did not hear anything so had assumed she had not won. However, in September of 2008, Amber received an email that she had won the contest!!!! Amber said, “I was so excited and the grand prize was enrollment in the Master Class at the Wilton School in Darien, Illinois.”

Amber was living in New York when she won the contest. In February 2009 she traveled to Chicago and took the two-week course with Sandy Folsom where she learned so many new ideas and techniques. On the last day of the Master Class the students toured the decorating room. Amber said, “I knew immediately that is where I wanted to be!!”

While touring the decorating room, Amber asked me what the process was for working at Wilton. She explained to me that she was living in New York but would be moving to the Chicago area soon and would really love to have an opportunity to work here. I explained to her that we usually hire freelance decorators (decorators who are on call and used on an as needed basis). If a position opens up, we hire from our freelancers. I gave Amber my email address and suggested that when she was situated in the Chicago area to send me her resume and pictures of her work.

Amber said, “In April of 2009 I sent Cheryl my resume and pictures of some of my work including my winning castle and then once I was settled in Chicago in May again sent an email letting her know that I was now available. Cheryl did respond telling me at the time they were not looking for anyone but would keep my resume on file and call me once they were looking for people again.”

“In October of 2009 I received a call from Cheryl and interviewed with her and Mary Gavenda, one of the Senior Cake Decorators. I started as a freelance decorator immediately and worked continually since I started.”

“A full time position became available recently and I was hired as a full time decorator in the room which was one of my goals……now I go to work each day excited about what my next project will be. The most exciting part has been working on projects for the 2011 Wilton Yearbook…what a dream come true!!!”

Not only did Amber get to work on and have her projects and name published in the Wilton yearbook, you’ll also find her picture on the first page gatefold.

Amber has been a tremendous asset to our decorating team as a freelancer and now as a full time employee. We look forward to having her grow with all of our extremely talented decorators as we continue to bring to all our customers new and exciting decorating ideas, as well as making your decorating dreams come true!!!

Cheryl Brown Cheryl has been the decorating room supervisor at Wilton for 3 years and truly enjoys the fun and exciting projects that are produced daily in the room. Cheryl’s start in the cake decorating/ baking industry came young as her first job was in an in-store bakery helping the bakers and decorators. Since then she has had many roles in this industry from retail to management to sales and has loved every aspect of the business. Cheryl’s daughter is a decorator in the making and has taken a few courses at the Wilton School as well as decorating and baking at home with Mom. Cheryl also spends a lot of time as her daughter’s chauffeur. Between dance classes and riding and showing her horse, they still find time to visit Cheryl’s family and friends back in Canada.

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  1. Carmelo says:

    I’d love to have my cakes in the Wilton Yearbook!

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    what a great post….
    thanks,Cheryl Brown

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    This is such a great story!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  4. What a great story. I think it’s great she gets to work doing her dream job.

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