Wilton Decorating Bags Can Handle The Pressure

February 11th, 2010 by Catherine Franczyk

There is nothing more frustrating than having a disposable decorating bag burst open while decorating a cake. When it comes to cake decorating bags, all are not created equal.

Trying to salvage icing that has burst onto a cake is very tricky (and messy too!) – especially when you have used several icing colors. Sometimes all the icing can be removed and you can start over. If you are creating your cake right before the party, the stress of a cake re-do can ruin what should be a fun and stress-free experience.

There were many times that I waited to decorate my sons’ birthday cakes right before the party, and I’ve learned over the years that planning ahead takes the stress out. I rely on the quality of Wilton products, especially disposable decorating bags, to insure that my decorating experience is fun. I’m always learning with every cake I do, it builds my confidence and skills. My oldest granddaughter has chosen some terrific cakes from the Wilton yearbooks and they are usually ones that require planning and preparation ahead of time. Having product that works saves times!

Decorating Bag TestingI have spent 30 years making sure that Wilton has the highest quality decorating bags in the market place. With my associates here at Wilton, we have spent 1000’s of hours hand testing our bags in our test kitchen. This is something we do with every shipment that we receive, so you know we do it all the time! There have been days when we have all helped out squeezing icing through a bag until our hands hurts. But this is the work we have to do to make sure all our bags have consistent high quality, year in and year out.

I feel very comfortable saying Wilton disposable bags are the best quality in the market place. The testing standards we have employed include strict material specifications for food safety standards, but also for strength and use. We ensure that our disposable decorating bags are the highest quality product. They simply feel better in your hand and are soft and strong to provide the decorating performance you can rely on. Of all bag styles, disposable bags are the convenient choice since you can use them once and discard them.

For a stress-free decorating experience plan ahead, read through all the instructions, and rely on your Wilton products for a great decorating experience.

Catherine Franczyk Catherine’s career spans over 30 years at Wilton. She currently serves as Director of Product Development-Cake Decorating. Catherine’s expertise in solving process problems has served her well in her collaboration with the Wilton curriculum work group. In her spare time Catherine has participated in personal leadership development and women's studies that span world religions and ancient civilizations. She cooks, bakes, decorates and gardens, reads and is Landscape Director for her Town Home Association.

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  1. Nancy Flick says:

    I agree. Years ago I tried disposable bags and had them split on me. For a long time I would not use them and hated having to clean out my featherweight decorating bags. A few people told be they didn’t have any problem with Wilton’s disposable bags so I tried them and have never gone back to the featherweight bags.

    • Cathy Franczyk says:

      Nancy, we test our disposable bags consistently to insure you are satisfied. Enjoy your next decorating project.

  2. Sherry says:

    I always use Wilton disposible bags, easier to work with then the fetherweight, less clean up, but most important – dependable.

  3. Nicole says:

    I love the disposable bags! I use them for my icing – especially when I’m using many colors – and my favorite thing to use them for is candy melts and chocolate! I can melt the candy melts right in the bag and then cut the tip to pipe chocolate or candy designs for cakes and cupcakes. They are also great for Royal Icing because I know they are grease free! Hooray for disposable bags!

    • Cathy Franczyk says:

      Nicole I couldn’t agree more, when using many icing colors disposable bags are great and I love them when I’m melting Candy Melts and filling in mold details with various colors. You see the color you want and it couldnt’ be easier. When I’m using a variety of colors I also like to use the new Wilton Decorating Bag Holder, it keeps the bags displayed and ready to go. Enjoy all your decorating projects!

      • Nicole says:

        Cathy – I just got the bag holder last night from MIL (kind of weird that you mentioned that!) and I tried it this morning when I was frosting some cupcakes for Valentine’s Day. I liked it – not only did it hold the bags in between frosting, it held the bags steady when I was filling/refilling them! Cool new toy! 🙂

  4. terri says:

    I used 3 disposable bags yesterday and 2 of them sprung a leak. This happens to be all the time. Why?

    • Barbara Reed says:

      Hi Terri,

      Check the cuff on your coupler. Occasionally one of the cuffs will have a burr or sharp point on one of the threads, usually near the edge. Just take a nail file to it, to remove or dull it, and you should be fine.

      One other issue that comes up in class is the length of the student’s fingernails. Sometimes, they are just too long, and poke the side of the bag.

      Hope that helps!

  5. mahena says:

    plz let me know from where i can purchase wilton supplies/products in the u.a.e? i would also like to attend your courses in the summers in dubai , if u can breif me the schedule so i can plan a trip. i live in pakistan.

    • Yasmin says:

      I also live in Pakistan & i am a die hard fan of Wilton products. But unfortunately Wilton products are not available here. For Dubai , type in Wilton international in the search box above. then you can find the list of all the all the distributors around the world. I hope that will help you.

    • Profulla says:

      Tavola in Dubai stocks Wilton products

  6. Hala says:

    Is there ready made icing decoration boxes, how much

  7. Emily Medina says:

    Sorr I disagree, I have had so many bags tear, explode a burst a miss, tried using the remainder Wilton disposables for small decorating colors like eyes outlining.

  8. camaque chipako says:

    HI I’ve an order for cupcakes on May 2010- 1,000 for a wedding. My problem now is on how to get 7 tiers that I can place the cupcakes.Secondly, how to place the cupcakes in a big box for my delivery.

    Do u recommend me to use butter icing or royal icing for outdoor wedding here in Singapore.

  9. Cheryl says:

    I love these bags but not only for decorating.
    Everyday in my 13 year old daughters lunch I put a disposable decorating bag filled with peanut butter so she can pipe it on her celery….makes me a hit of a mom to all the newbie teenagers…they all think it is very cool and by what I understand they all fight over who gets to pipe whatever is left onto their fingers for eating!!!

    These are definately a must have in my pantry!

  10. Jen Roveto says:

    I love all your wilton products and classes. However I have had a big problem with the last disposable bags that I bought. Every other one bursts, even my instructor in my wilton class was quite shocked. The only thing is I didnt save the UPC or receipt, because I never had a problem with them. Hopefully when I buy my next box it wont happen.

  11. Luanne Malkasian says:

    What is a bag holder? Also my first bags were cloth. They were messy to clean up but they stood up to the strain. I was in a Wilton section and didn’t see any. Mine were well used and went to join their ancesters. OORAH

  12. Rebecca says:

    I just finished the course 1 cake decorating class. I purchased the student kit and I am kind of in love with the featherweight wilton bags that were included. They’re so easy to handle. They’re very comfortable to squeeze. I have about 6 different decorating bags and the Wilton ones are by far the nicest. 3 of the 6 are a canvas bag lined with plastic on the inside. they’re just awkward and much harder to use. I plan on getting some more featherweight bags. I’ve never used the disposible bags, and I don’t think I want to!

    I find the featherweight bags are really easy to clean with a sponge and de-greasing soap. It takes like 5 minutes to clean all of my cake decorating supplies from class.

  13. Beverly Thorp says:

    I must have purchased a bad bunch of disposable bags. Every bag so far has split at the seam, or over the screw portion of the coupler. My instructor thought my grip, or my rings may be a problem, so I took my rings off and was cognizant of my grip, but the bags still split.

    I think the concept is brillant. I also like the featherweight bags. I like the featherweight bags the best.

  14. shawn says:

    Sometimes it’s just the consistency of the icing. You might try thinning down your icing just a little ( tablespoon of milk or water at a time) to see if it helps. If your iciing is too thick, you have to squeeze alot harder. If you are using the premade icing, it can usually use a little thinning. I use both depending on how much time I have. The disposable bags really do save time.

  15. d meredith says:

    I have been decorating for over 20 years and have taught classes for ten. I highly recommend parchment over disposable bags decause of the splitting and they also retain the heat from your hands.
    Here is my one complaint…is Wilton using a lower grade of parchment??? I just decorated a cake and 8doz cookies and have had to redo bags many times!!! They are not holding up like they use to. I really do not want to find another distributor because, like I said, I’ve used Wilton forever and have never encountered this problem in the past. It is very frustrating and a lot of time is used to fold and put icing into new bags every 2 illings due to the parchment tearing. It is not the consistency of the icing, nor the pressure being used. My mother(who taught me) myselfand my daughter(who I have taught ) have encountered this problem this year. Is there a bad batch of parchment out there?? I try to get all my students to familiarize themselves with the parchment…but this is defeated when they get frustrated and switch back to fabric or plastic!!!Please help me, because I really do not want to go to plastic!!

  16. Cathy Franczyk says:

    Coupler Update

    Sometimes in producing the volume of couplers, we find that production molds periodically need attention and cleaning. I have heard from some of you that you have found rough edges on your couplers that may cause disposable bags to be damaged, this is definitely not a good situation. If you find that you have couplers with rough edges around the threading rings or base, just take a nail file or fine sandpaper and you can remove the roughness quickly with ease. I hope this helps those of you who may have encountered this situation. Enjoy your Spring decorating projects!

  17. bags says:

    i’ve tried these disposable bags and they are of the best quality. They simply feel better in your hand and are soft and strong to provide the decorating performance you can rely on.

  18. KC says:

    I love Wilton Products and use them all the time, although I have become frustrated with Wilton’s Cake Decorating Re-usable Polyester Bags coming apart at the seams after a short period of using them (not the disposable ones). The bags are almost new, but the glue that holds them together is lacking. I have lots of good, hardly used Wilton Cake Decorating Re-usable Bags that have come unsealed. “What type of glue can I use to Re-seal” them”?

    These bags cost a pretty penny, around $4.00-$5.00 per bag at JoAnne stores. You would think the glued seams would withstand many washing and be able to be re-used without coming apart at the seams. The bags are almost new and just need to be re-sealed. Is there a way I can re-seal them. If so, what type of glue do I need? Your help is “Greatly” appreciated.

  19. […] I had to scoop out the frosting from the bag into yet another disposable bag. Wilton claims their disposable decorating bags can handle the pressure. However, the disposable bags I purchased from Michael’s were made by […]

    • Cathy Franczyk says:

      Hi, I’m curious if the disposable bags you used had a Wilton logo printed on them? We have seen inferior bags out there and I am wondering if you picked up disposables from another company. Just wasn’t sure because your post ended so I wanted to make sure I had accurate information. All Wilton disposables now have the Wilton logo on them. Thank you for posting your comment.


  20. Deborah says:

    I am the owner of a cafe’ that makes cookie cakes and such. We decorate our cookie cakes using the piping bags. My baker has come to me stating that the bags are ripping at the seams !!! What would be causing this? Could she have too much icing in the bags? She makes rather large bullets and uses a twist tie at the top of the bag. Someone told me that having too much pressure on the bag would cause it to rip. Is this true? Also, how long should a canvas piping bag last? I would really appreciate some feed back on this. Thanks.

  21. Gail Youngmeyer says:

    I, too, have featherweight bags that have come unglued during the decorating process. Is there a food grade glue or way to repair these reusable bags?

    • Anita Parham says:

      Hi Gail…
      Did you ever find a glue to fix the busted seams on the featherweight bags? I too have several bags that have busted their seams….I hate to throw them away!!!

  22. Lynette H says:

    I have a client that has severe food allergies (corn, soy, nuts etc.) Are Wilton disposable bags safe? What are they made of?

  23. Carolyn Gladhart Long says:

    Be sure your tips are cleaned out. Especially #3 or smaller can have a clog and that can burst the bag. Happy decorating! 🙂

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