Wilton has taken the Ultimate Tool Caddy to new heights!

April 22nd, 2012 by Catherine Franczyk

Several years ago when we launched our Ultimate Caddy, we knew that a rolling version would be an ideal addition for our decorating customers. As we looked at decorators taking the Wilton Method Classes and how you organize your tools and store them at home, it was apparent that having a caddy that you could roll out to your kitchen or to class was essential for any avid or aspiring decorator. I am so thrilled to share details with you about our new Ultimate Rolling Tool Caddy.

Ultimate Rolling Tool Caddy One of the many things I have learned over the years is that when I want to create a decorated cake, cupcakes, cookies or gingerbread houses, I like to have my tools organized and ready to use.

I don’t store my decorating tools, except for my spatulas, in my kitchen tool drawers. I keep them in my caddies for ease of access since decorating projects are not a daily kitchen activity for me with my busy schedule.

There are so many wonderful features on our new Ultimate Rolling Caddy, so I’ll list them here… can’t help myself but to share all of them.


  • Spinning wheels and extending handle to conveniently transport supplies!
  • Handle is comfortable. Locks down with bit of a push.
  • Stable. No need to tip it over.
  • Multiple drawers neatly keep all decorating tools at your fingertips!
  • Keeps everything neat, tidy and one area.
  • Fits in a closet or pantry; rolls out easily
  • Two-tiered side compartments hold 20 in. rolling pin, mats, decorating bags and more! I love these added features.
  • Stacks with existing Ultimate Caddy

Four types of organization:

  • Tip & Accessory Organization:
    • Tip compartments are located at the top of the caddy for convenient access.
    • Two tip organizer compartments feature 36 cones that hold standard, large and wired drop flower tips.
    • Tip compartments allow for stacking of tips, which increases holding capacity.
    • Two adjacent tip accessory compartments hold couplers, tip brushes and more.
  • Drawer Organization:
    • In the middle of the caddy, two slide-out drawers feature three compartments with individual, snap-open tops, which provide ample storage for Fondant Cutters, stamens, flower nails, decorating bags and more.
    • Also, the slide-out drawer holds up to 24 1/2-oz. icing color jars or 10 1/2-oz. jars, and features a lift-out tray.
    • On the bottom of the caddy, the large pullout drawers are perfect for oversized items and can be divided into two or three customized spaces.
      • One long and two short dividers are included in each drawer.
      • Plus, recessed area in lid features storage for your cake leveler. To customize the drawers, simply align ends of dividers into slots and push down.
  • Side Compartment Organization
    • The deep side compartments hold 20 in. rolling pin, mats, decorating bags and more!
  • Back Panel Organization
    • The back compartment is perfect for Wilton Yearbook of Cake Decorating, course books and more.

To really appreciate the new Ultimate Rolling Tool Caddy, you need to see it in action. Please watch the video as we demonstrate the features of this wonderful new caddy.

Catherine Franczyk Catherine’s career spans over 30 years at Wilton. She currently serves as Director of Product Development-Cake Decorating. Catherine’s expertise in solving process problems has served her well in her collaboration with the Wilton curriculum work group. In her spare time Catherine has participated in personal leadership development and women's studies that span world religions and ancient civilizations. She cooks, bakes, decorates and gardens, reads and is Landscape Director for her Town Home Association.

28 Replies

  1. Cori Ross says:

    I was just thinking to myself while watching your little video about your new rolling caddy that I have way more decorating supplies then what would fit in it. That’s when I noticed that the compartments come out and thought it would be great if you could buy the compartments separately then you could just alternate between the ones you needed

    • basketpam says:

      Now THAT’S a good idea! I seriously doubt that anyone who decorates cakes much at all has supplies far exceeding the supply that any cart could contain. If many are like me they could use a baking room. I like the idea of being able to stock the supplies I need for that particular project and load it on the wheels. Especially for me, I have a small workspace in my home for a project of a large size and when I have a cake for more than just an average family I bake at home and decorate and put the cake together in the community room of the retirement complex my family owns. This is great as far as unlimited workspace, but it’s a BIG bother to be constantly transporting all that stuff.

  2. caro says:

    Wonderful wish I could afford one, It would empty ot 3 of the cabinets

    • basketpam says:

      This is the sort of item you purchase with the 50% off coupon from Michael’s or AC Moore and then ask for a gift certificate on a holiday. I NEVER pay full price for the more expensive items.

  3. Alice Smith says:

    where can i buy this please thank you

    • Nicole says:

      They are available on the Wilton website, and most of their new items should be in stores in the next few weeks, I hope this will be one of them.

  4. Rachel says:

    Wishing I had this one, I have the tool caddy, but not the rolling one. What a great idea!! Will be watching for Michaels to have their 50% off coupon for this one 😉

  5. nancy says:

    I want to create a decorate cake, cup cake so i want a new recipes to icing color.

  6. Khandra Henderson says:

    I love this…but i wish it would come filled like the ultimate caddy for the price that its at.

  7. Terri says:

    This caddy is nice, It’s exactly what I recommended you build when I wrote a comment over a year ago. You could still add another section to this caddy by doubling the width and have it open like a suitcase or upright steamer chest and buckle shut to hold sections together.

    • Natalie says:

      I actually bought the smaller one first and when I saw there was NO WAY I was going to have enough room I ordered this one.

  8. Kim says:

    I don’t think this is all that. It really isn’t that more storage, if your saying for at use a home-you need to come see what a home decorate really has. There is no way even 1/4 of my stuff would hit even that little thing. You are limiting yourself. You need to go bigger, you are not giving up enough room for tips, and icing. Instead of wasting that top area, make a draw to hold the master tip holder? Food to think on? I think it is great idea to market to take to classes but not for the home decorator, your marketing it wrong! Sorry!

    • tmana says:

      Agreed. I had way more than 36 different tips even before I took Course 1. I think I have about 70-80 distinct tips and need to get several more (Ateco’s left-hand-specific curved petal tips — Wilton, please consider making left-handed versions of tips 59-64, 117, 123, etc!). The carrying case set up disencourages the use of the stackable tip organizers and icing color organizers; one must remove everything for a project (or class) from the organizers to stick them in the case. A rolling case that includes an area in which the stackable cases can be stacked for travel would mean a lot less packing and unpacking.

      • Mina says:

        Great idea with the stackable organizers! It should have also had a slot to hold your spatulas like the other ultimate caddy above the lower side compartments.

    • Perele says:

      I agree totally with Kim. This is such a shame, at first glance you think “wow I can keep all my stuff in there” but then you realise only half of it will fit when you look at it properly! As a long time cake decorator (15 years) I have accumulated many tools and it would be lovely to be able to transport or store almost everything in one place. PLEASE WILTON – MAKE ONE ALMOST THE SAME BUT WIDER AND POSSIBLY TALLER. Us decorators have so many rolling pins, moulds, cutters, impression mats, etc. The only reason I would use it would be for classes – to give, or to attend. Thanks

  9. susana pila says:

    hola donde puedo conseguir el cupon de 50% de michael y el certificado de regalo en un dia festivo?? me interesa comprarlo pero vivo en tiuana mexico asi que me gustaria ir a san diego a buscar una tienda donde pueda encontrar todos los articulos que tienen en una sola compra traerme varios, entre ellos este que estan promocional. espero me puedan help

  10. Mercedes says:

    As a decorator and a Wilton Instructor at Michaels I have been waiting for something like this. I was going to buy the old version until one of my students who has it pointed out that there was not enough room in it for her Course 4 tools. The wheels are a big plus too as I am constantly carting pretty much my entire decorating collection (except pans) in and out of the store to teach classes. Definately a great improvement to this product.

  11. jessica says:

    how much are they????

    • Cathy Franczyk says:

      Hi Jessica:

      Our Ultimate Rolling Caddy has a suggested retail of $149.99. It’s a lifetime investment in organization. See the comments above. If you watch for our craft retail partners coupon offers you should be able to purchase the Rolling Caddy at a discount. All the best and Happy Decorating. Catherine

  12. bernie says:

    do all the items that are shown in the picture come with the decorating tool caddy

    • Cathy Franczyk says:

      Hello Bernie:

      The Ultimate Rolling Tool Caddy does not include any decorating tools. I hope this helps answer your question. Happy Decorating!


  13. joanna says:

    hello my name is joana’m Polish I got for my birthday ultimate tool caddy is amazing very practical I love decorating cakes pastry chef by profession is my passion thanks to thanks to your company wilton is a lot easier come on little available in Poland. greet hot and I wish good luck

  14. Nency says:

    I had this caddy and I returned back to the store. The drawers are not secure. They don’t lock in well enough for you to transport your supplies. I was going to class and the drawers came out and all my supplies went all over the parking lot. I was so upset. I lost a lot of stuff. I went back and bought the smaller one and that one did the same thing. Great idea but not able to use it.

  15. stacy says:

    I am just getting started and just purchased the Ultimate Decorating Set today. I looked at the rolling caddy and felt it was overpriced for the size and due to not having any accessories with it. I would pay more for a larger caddy/ tool set, if everything came together. I really wish there had been a set that at least included tools for all four courses. I start class one this week and can’t wait!

  16. mounia says:

    does it come with things inside ?

  17. Harriet Cobb says:

    Just became a Wilton Instructor again after a long hiatus of about 17 years! So much has changed…but I’m really excited to find where I can get an Ultimate Rolling Tool Caddy to make life easier going to and from classes with the supplies needed to teach….too bad we can’t just have a mixer in the classrooms too! HA!
    But seriously, where can I locate a Rolling tool caddy please.

    Harreit Cobb

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