Wine Wednesday: Lemon Blueberry Mini Fluted Cakes and Chardonnay

June 21st, 2017 by Stephanie Michel


Wine Wednesday Dessert Pairing | Wilton Cake Decorating | Lemon Blueberry Mini Fluted Cakes with Kendall-Jackson Late Harvest ChardonnayWelcome to our first of five Wine Wednesdays! Can you think of any better way to get through the rest of the week? A few months ago, I attended a culinary conference and had the pleasure of attending a wine tasting hosted by Kendall-Jackson Wine. Not only was the wine amazing, but the food paired with it was delicious. It never ceases to amazing me how the right wine and food pairing can completely change the taste of a dish!

The wine and food pairing got me thinking…what if we pair our Wilton recipes with Kendall-Jackson Wines? After some brainstorming, the Wine Wednesday series was born! The Wilton Test Kitchen sent some recipes to the wine experts at Kendall-Jackson, and they perfectly paired each recipe with one of their wonderful wines.

To kick off our series, we paired Wilton’s Lemon Blueberry Mini Fluted Cakes with the Late Harvest Chardonnay.  Here are some tasting notes from K-J winemaster Randy Ullom:

“Floral notes of orange blossom with aromas of orange, cinnamon and nutmeg tease your senses and this unctuous rich liquid gold coats your palate and tongue. Excellent balance of residual sugar and acid coupled with nuances of botrytis (noble rot) make this a wine to savor and remember.”

Doesn’t your month just water reading that? As far as chardonnay goes, this is a very sweet chardonnay. If you typically gravitate towards drier wines, I still recommend trying this delicious wine with our dessert pairing! The sweetness of the wine matches the sweetness of the blueberry and brings out the lemon flavor in this recipe. It’s a bright, sunshine-flavored way to start off your summer! Wilton’s Mini Fluted Cake Pan will give you perfectly sized mini cakes. The recipe uses a cake mix so it’s quick and easy, which gives you more time to enjoy the wine.

The recipe can be found here and the wine can be purchased here. Cheers!

Stephanie Michel Stephanie is an Assistant Culinary Specialist in the Wilton Test Kitchen and is a Certified Wilton Method® Instructor. Her love for baking began at an early age and she has enjoyed learning more about baking and cake decorating since she started working at Wilton in 2010. When she is not baking for her friends and family, she spends her free time with her dog, Checkers.

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  1. Sally Johnson says:

    I’m very inspired by yiour Wine Wednesday pairing. Awesome. My husband and I are shy but need to spead our wings with our neighbors. Now I know how to do it. Magic! Thank You!

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