Fall in Love with Our Layered Heart Shaped Cake

Tools & Supplies

– Easy Layers! Heart Cake Pan Set – 4 bowls  – 4 Piping Bags – Large Round Tip 2A – Small Cake Leveler   – Spatula – Electric Mixer (for best results) or Hand Mixer

– Favorite chocolate cake recipe or box mix – White Decorator Icing – Powdered Sugar Icing Glaze (see link below) – Red-Red Icing Color – Burgundy Icing Color

Ready? Let's Get Started


Make enough chocolate cake batter using your favorite recipe or box mixes to fill 5-heart shaped cake pans.

Once baked, level cakes in the pans. Remove them from pans and make the edges uniform.

Put the tip on the piping bag, fill with white decorator icing, and begin piping onto heart shaped cakes.

Stack heart shaped cakes on-top of one another to create 5-layers, alternating between filling and cake.

Use a spatula to smooth the icing around the sides of the stacked cake layers.

Make Powdered Sugar Glaze.  (see link below) Pour glaze into 4 bowls.

Tint glazes using Burgundy & Red-Red Icing Colors to create burgundy, red, dark pink & light pink glazes.  1 glaze per bowl.

Place glazes in piping bags and begin to pipe onto top layer of the cake.

Order colors however you'd like and don't worry if the lines aren't too tidy!

Be sure to pipe enough so some of each color drizzles down the sides. Let it set a while!

You did it! Relax, Share & Enjoy!