Travel back in time to when majestic beasts ruled the Earth! If you’re throwing a birthday party for a youngster infatuated with T-Rex or the mighty stegosaurus, wow them with one of our Dino-Mite Cakes, one of our most successful finds. Create a Jurassic world of your own!

The Original Dino-Mite Dinosaur Cake

This cheerful guy is nothing to fear! Cute as can be, the original Dino-Mite Cake from our kitchen is perfect for parties and deceivingly simple to make. Check out the project and get roaring in the kitchen!

Good to the Bone Dinosaur Cake

You don’t have to go digging for the perfect birthday cake any more! This fantastic fossilized dinosaur is actually a bony brownie and can be made using your favorite brownie mix and simple white icing. Discover the project here!

Dare to Dino Cake

Get creative and make a dino-biodome with all kinds of paleo-era creatures! This is the perfect cake for dinosaur lovers who can’t decide which one is their favorite, featuring stegosaurs, the brontosaurus, and of course the king of them all, the T-Rex! Have fun choosing which ones you’ll include with this project!

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