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Best Cake Flavor Combinations for Birthday Cakes

From classic combinations, like red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting, to new and unique flavor pairings, like carrot cake with marshmallow buttercream, this collection of cake flavors and frosting combinations will have you looking at your favorite cake recipes in a whole new way!

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7 Birthday Cake Flavors

Looking to try a homemade birthday cake this year? Think outside the box (mix) with these 7 birthday cake flavors. Whether you need something traditional like a classic yellow or chocolate cake, or you’re ready to try something a little more adventurous like a 4-layer red velvet masterpiece, these birthday cake flavors are great to have in your wheelhouse.

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5 Pull-Apart Cupcake Cakes

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or a shower, a pull-apart cake is a great way to serve guests young and old. Made by arranging cupcakes into a shape then icing and decorating all of them at the same time, these pull-apart cakes require no cutting and are perfect for a grab-and-go treat.

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Mini Cakes for Birthdays and Every Day

From mermaid cakes that can work for beach or pool parties to floral cakes and even a classic (and gluten-free!) chocolate cake, we’ve got the mini birthday cakes you need for a tremendous celebration.

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Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

If you’re looking for unicorn birthday party ideas, look no further. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro at decorating cakes, this unicorn birthday cake is a great project for everyone.

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Lovely Llama Cookies

Decorate these llama cookies with fun faces made of delicious icing. Get the recipe, decorating instructions, and ingredients for llama cookies at Wilton.

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