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Easy Sugar Cookies from Scratch

Impress your guests with these easy no-chill sugar cookies from scratch! Learn how to make them using the detailed & easy-to-follow instructions from Wilton.

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Classic Buttery Spritz Cookies

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to spice up your holiday baking, Spritz cookies are the answer! Made using a cookie press and a variety of disks, these cookies are a holiday staple friends, family and Santa himself will love.

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How to Make Hot Cocoa Cookies

Enjoy all the warm and delicious flavors of your favorite winter drink with these Hot Cocoa Cookies. Rich, chewy and oh so chocolatey, these bite-sized treats are sure to become a new holiday favorite!

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How to Make Macarons

Learn how to make these delicate, chewy-yet-crispy French macarons with this easy-to-follow recipe. Follow this simple macaron recipe at Wilton.

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How to Make Edible Cookie Bowls!

Make your summertime desserts even more enjoyable with these fun and easy cookie bowls, perfect for ice cream sundaes, fruit, and more. Check out how to make these edible ice cream bowls and enjoy them at BBQs, birthday parties, or showers!

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