Put on your Sunday best, grab a mint julep, and get ready to race – it’s the Kentucky Derby! This weekend, Churchill Downs will host the most famous horse race on Earth, one that’s been an American tradition since 1875. Any respectable Kentucky Derby party will feature a horse cake – they are the stars of the show after all. But our horse cake pan is capable of creating so much more than just a perfect pony – other animals and mythical creatures can come to life as well. Check out the different projects that you can achieve with the help of our imaginative test kitchen!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

A zebra is a horse that has earned its stripes! When your party calls for something a little more exotic, take a look at the Speedy Zebra Cake, using Wilton’s horse cake pan. A steady hand and frosting tip help you achieve the signature stripes!

Pretty in Purple

We featured this purple Unicorn Cake was featured on our Instagram last month to the delight of many of our followers. This mythical beauty can be created by using our horse cake pan and following the instructions of our test kitchen magicians! Be sure to start this project a couple of days in advance, as the unicorn’s magical horn needs to be be made a day before the cake to set out to dry for 24 hours.

Rainbow Unicorn

The only thing better than a magical unicorn is one that uses a rainbow for its mane! We topped this legendary beast off with a rainbow palette, giving it a colorful mane that symbolizes hope. Unlike its purple predecessor, this unicorn’s gold fondant horn will take two days to form, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time.

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