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How to Use Meringue Powder

If you love decorating roll-out cookies or piping flowers, chances are you’ve used meringue powder to make your icing. Often used as a substitute for raw egg whites, meringue powder is a must for making royal icing, meringue cookies and stabilizing marshmallow or whipped cream icing.

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Baking 101: How to Bake a Cake

Baking the perfect cake comes down to a few simple rules. From picking the right pan to learning how to properly measure your ingredients, this video guide will outline how to bake a cake you’ll be proud to show off.

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Fondant Tips & Tricks

Fondant is a fun and versatile medium for covering and decorating cakes; however, it can be tricky to work with. Weather, temperature and environment can all affect the texture and performance of your fondant, but you can avoid these problems before they start with these helpful fondant tips and tricks!

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Left-Handed Cake Decorating Tutorial

If you’re a left-handed baking aficionado and you’re wondering how you can decorate your cakes with ease, check out our left-handed tutorial and product meant specifically for you!

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