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Cookie Icing 101: How to Use Wilton Cookie Icing

Available in a variety of colors, Wilton cookie icing is great for decorating your roll-out sugar and gingerbread cookies. From where to buy it to how to use it, this cookie icing guide will show you how to find, use and store this delicious bottled icing!

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Different Types of Icing: Our Comprehensive Cookie Guide

Whether you’re packaging cookies for shipping, gifting them to friends and neighbors or just arranging a platter for Santa Claus himself, there’s no denying that half the fun of baking holiday cookies is decorating them! But which frosting is best for shipping? How do you store your cookies once they’re done? And how the heck do you actually USE royal icing?

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Royal Icing Cookies 101

Learn how to make delicious royal icing cookies with this handy guide. We’ll show you basic, flooding, marbling and more using Wilton’s easy techniques.

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