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Candy Melts Candy

Easy tips and tricks on how to use Candy Melts Candy

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How to Thin Candy Melts

From how to properly melt Candy Melts to how to fix your candy if it’s overheated, we’ll show you the best way to thin out your candy consistency.

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How to Make a Drip Cake with Candy Melts Candy

Drip cakes are great for any holiday or celebration! In this post we’ll show you how to use your favorite color of Candy Melts candy to create a colorful ganache, perfect for dripping down the sides of your buttercream cake.

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What are Candy Melts Candy?

Wilton Candy Melts candy makes for a fun and colorful addition to your treats. Great for cake pops, cookies, molded candies and more, Candy Melts candy is just as easy to use as it is to eat!

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How to Color Candy Melts Candy

Oil-based food coloring is the secret to coloring Candy Melts candy. With these tips and tricks on how to color and combine Candy Melts, you can customize your candy to match your needs.

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How to Use Candy Melts for Cake Pops

When it comes to covering your cake pop, Candy Melts candy makes it easy and fun! Learn how to melt and thin Candy Melts and get some helpful tips on how to decorate cake pops with Candy Melts candy.

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Candy Melts Color Chart

Mix different colors of Wilton Candy Melts candy to get a whole new shade! Or, use Wilton candy colors to create custom candy shades by following our easy guide.

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How to Use Candy Molds

How to Use Candy Molds

Use our easy-to-follow guide to create some delicious homemade sweets, using our silicone or plastic candy molds. Explore more tips & tricks at Wilton!

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Candy Making Supplies

Whether you’re looking for a unique mold or a specific tool to create a delicious candy treat, Wilton has the candy making supplies you need!

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