Create a lovely edible garden right from the comfort of your own home! Using stiff consistency buttercream and a couple of standard piping tips, you can learn how to pipe buttercream flowers on your favorite homemade (or store-bought) cupcakes. This step-by-step video will teach you how to pipe a buttercream daisy and a buttercream carnation.


Step 1: Tint medium consistency frosting with petal color and a small amount with center frosting color. Fit one decorating bag with petal decorating tip 104 and fill 1/4 full or less with petal tinted frosting. Fit second decorating bag with round decorating tip 5 and fill 1/4 full or less with yellow tinted frosting.

Step 2: Attach flower nail template, if using, to Flower Nail. Using a dot of frosting, attach icing flower square to flower nail.

Step 3: Hold the decorating bag with tip 104 and petal icing at a 45-degree angle at 3:00 (9:00 for lefthanded decorators) with wide end lightly touching 1/4 in. from center of the nail; narrow end is pointing out and angled slightly upward. Starting at any point near the outer edge of flower nail, squeeze and move tip towards center of nail. Stop squeezing; pull tip.

Step 4: Repeat for a total of 12 or more petals. If using the template, pipe about 2 petals in each section of the template.

Step 5: For flower center, hold decorating bag with yellow frosting and tip 5 at a 90-degree angle, slightly above the flower. Add a center dot.

Notes: Flower centers can be highlighted with Wilton Cake Sparkles, or colored sugars. First, dampen finger slightly, then dip in colored sugar; touch freshly piped flower center. Dry overnight in the large concave Wave Flower Former.


Step 1: Using a decorating bag fitted with a Tip 104, hold the bag with the wide end of the tip touching the surface of the Flower Nail, keeping the narrow end slightly above the surface.

Step 2: Begin the first row of five petals. Pipe first petal moving tip 104 in a jiggling up-and-down motion.

Step 3: Continue with four more petals, slightly overlapping the previous petal.

Step 4: Angle tip up slightly. Finish with one or two center petals at top. Let dry.

Note: Make the petals of this richly textured flower using a tight up-and-down motion. Piping on the apple blossom/primrose template from our flower nail templates set will help guide you to proper petal position.