9 Cute Halloween Cookie Ideas

September 20th, 2019 by Desiree Smith

Even though Halloween is all about the candy, these cookies might just be the special exception! Cakes, cupcakes, cookies and delicious treats are a tasty must this Halloween season. These cute cookie recipes are easy to make and hard to resist. Here are some of our favorite, most delicious Halloween cookie ideas!

Little Devil Meringue Cookies

These cookies are devilishly clever, complete with horns. Give your Halloween celebration a mischievous edge with this easy-to-make treat. Find the recipe here.

Color Swirl Halloween Sandwich Cookies

Calling all chocolate-chip cookie lovers! These impressive treats only look like they took a long time to make. Use the Color Swirl 3-Color Coupler to make this recipe.

Ghost Cookies

It’s scary how easy these ghost cookies are to make using our Royal Icing Mix. Scare up smiles by slipping these cookies into your little one’s school lunches. Find the recipe here.

Sophisticated Skull Cookies

Simple and clean, these Halloween treats could also be used for a Day of the Dead celebration. With only a few supplies and ingredients, this budget-friendly recipe is perfect for less experienced bakers. Find the yummy recipe here.

Spooky Face Cookies

These spook-tacular cookies are easy to make for beginner bakers using our Black Tube Icing and Sugar Sprinkles. Partygoers and trick-or-treaters will love this special treat! Find the recipe here.

Spider Eyes Sugar Cookies

Create creepy, crawly and delicious spider cookies using Wilton Candy Melts candy. These fun sugar cookies are also great for kids to make in the kitchen! Find the recipe here.

Pumpkin Emoji Cookies

Express how you’re feeling with an adorable pumpkin emoji cookie! Find the recipe here.

Black and Gold Skull Cookies

Sparkly and simple, these little skull-shaped cookies are great Halloween treats. Make these cookies easily with Wilton Gold Sanding Sugar. Find the recipe here.

Half and Half Halloween Color Mist Cookies

Go the classic route this Halloween with simple orange and purple cookies. Make these simple cookies using Wilton Color Mist food color spray. Find the recipe here.

Are you ready to go cookie crazy this Halloween? Take a picture of your cookie concoctions and tag us on Instagram @wiltoncakes so we can check them out!

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