If you’re wondering how to dye Easter eggs so you get bright, bold colors, look no further! Using concentrated food coloring and some hot water, you can turn a plain white egg into a rainbow of possibilities.

Use a large jumbo muffin pan to prepare six colors at once (and save on cleaning tons of bowls), then just dip and decorate! This project is great for families to do together or for kids to do with their friends.

With this simple 4-step project, you’ll have Easter eggs to DYE for in no time!


This is enough to prepare one dye color. Repeat for every color desired.



Prepare your color. Pour 3/4 cup boiling water into each cup in jumbo muffin pan. Dissolve a few drops of concentrated food coloring into each cup, stirring until color has distributed evenly. Feeling creative? Have fun mixing colors to create even more options!

Add the vinegar. Add 1 tablespoon vinegar to each prepared color. Stir to dissolve.

Start coloring! Using a metal spoon, lower your hard-boiled egg into the colored water. You can do a quick dip for a lighter color or let it soak for a darker shade. Try dipping each half in two different colors or dip one egg in several colors for a totally unique look!

Set your egg aside to dry (you can put them back in the egg carton or let them dry on a cooling grid

Time to decorate! Once your eggs are dry, you can leave them as is or add even more decorations using FoodWriter edible markers. These markers are available in a variety of colors and are great for kids of all ages.

And that’s it! Once your eggs are done, arrange them on a platter or in a basket for everyone to enjoy on Easter morning.

Did you have success coloring your Easter eggs this year? We’re egg-cited to see them! Post a pic on Instagram and tag us @WiltonCakes!

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