How to Make a Galaxy Cake

April 23rd, 2018 by Desiree Smith


We’re seeing stars! Galaxy cakes and space-inspired desserts have been all over the internet lately, and we love them for birthday parties, themed celebrations or as a special surprise for your favorite space geek. These cakes may seem difficult to pull off — but with the right tools and know-how, you can take your desserts to infinity and beyond in no time.



  1. Bake your cake and let it cool. Level the cake so the decorations will look smooth and even.
  2. Ice cake with a creamy white frosting.
  3. Alternating between blue, violet, pink and black Color Mist sprays, spray color onto cake. The less you think about it, and the more sporadic the color pattern, the more galaxy-like your cake will be!
  4. Using a large flat brush and White-White Liquid Color, splatter color onto the cake.
  5. Make your cake twinkle with starlight — add nonpareils and Sugar Pearls for the final touch!

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