Looking for new ways to do dessert? We’ve rounded up the latest trends in baking, decorating and making delicious desserts that double as eye candy.

Drip-down sprinkles, lots of texture, painted-on cakes, alcohol-infused treats, metallic finishes and mini desserts are just a few of the fun and trendy ideas for 2019.

Once you take a look, we’re sure you’ll want to try them all!

Dripping in Sprinkles

Sprinkles aren’t just child’s play anymore. Adding them to drippy cakes creates a unique finish and incorporates another big dessert trend – texture. Deck out a cake in gold jimmies and metallic nonpareils for an elegant look, or let assorted color sprinkles spill down the sides of your cake to add a pop of bright to any birthday celebration. 



Image from @brittanymaycakes

Tempting Textures

It’s all about texture with this fun dessert trend. Shards of candy bark, sprinkles, sugar crystals and other sweet objects are used to create cakes, cookies and other treats that are not only delicious, but a feast for the eyes as well.

Piqued Interest Cake

Using broken pieces of pastel candy bark and a drip made with Candy Melts® candy for the top, this stunning cake is sure to start a conversation no matter what the occasion. Assorted sprinkles in different colors and sizes add even more texture to the top and bottom. It’s almost to pretty to eat!

Sparkling Purple Geode Cookies

Anothor big trend in textured desserts is crystals – from tiered cakes topped with candy that looks like semi-precious stones to the shimmering geode cookies below. Sparkling sugar and rock candy are used to create the crystal effect on these heart-stopping treats.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Milkshakes

Another texture trend seen in restaurants and dessert bars everywhere are milkshakes piled high with everything from cake slices to cookies. These fun chocolate-covered strawberry shakes are topped with a candy drizzle, dipped strawberries and candy-glazed mini donuts. It’s a drink AND a dessert!

Cake Painting

Painting on cakes is nothing new, however it’s becoming as popular as piping when it comes to creating beautiful designs.

Hand-Painted Cakes

Using buttercream as a canvas, watercolor flowers and leaves were painted on this cake using food-safe brushes and edible paint. This cake would definitely wow at a wedding.

 Cynthia Irani Cakes

Image from @cynzcakes

Spatula Painting

This abstract cake was created with splashes of blue and teal icing that were spatula-painted on the sides to create a unique design. Metallic accents were added using gold edible paint and tall gold candles to finish the look.  Great for an out-of-the-ordinary birthday bash and certainly snap-worthy!

Guinness Pretzel Truffles

These truffles are sweet, savory, all grown up and made with only four ingredients including dark beer. They’re a great snack for girl’s night in or game day with just the guys.

Orange and Rosemary Gimlet Cupcakes

Cupcakes as cocktails are a sophisticated way to serve dessert at a party where only grown-ups are allowed. Flavored with orange, rosemary and gin, they’re the perfect ending to a fabulous dinner. Here, the cupcakes are adorned with Shot Tops flavor infusers filled with an orange gimlet mixture to give them an extra shot of deliciousness.

Miniature and Bite-Size Treats

“Make mine a mini” is what a lot of people are saying these days when it comes to dessert. It’s a way to indulge without feeling guilty with sweet treats that come in smaller sizes.

Mini Cranberry Pound Cakes

Sweet, tart and oh so good, these mini pound cakes are just the right size for an after-dinner treat. The batter and glaze are made with cranberry juice and then topped with sugared cranberries. The best part is, there’s no worry you’ll eat too much – just about two bites and it’ll be gone!

Mini Lemon Tarts

Pucker up and pop one of these yummy individual lemon tarts in your mouth for a bite of lemony goodness. The piped meringue stars on top give them a hint of extra sweetness.

Are one of these dessert trends calling your name? Let us know in the comments below and, if you try making any of them, be sure to snap a picture and share with us on Instagram @WiltonCakes!