Savor the flavors of the season! Our summer fruit desserts feature raspberries, strawberries, lemons and more for mouth-watering treats that are perfect for summer celebrations.

Bursting with real fruit flavor, these are some of the best summer fruit desserts around. Whether you’re looking for muffins, shortcakes, fruit pies or frozen treats, we have you covered. So grab some of your favorite fresh or frozen fruit, get the vanilla ice cream and whipped cream ready, and get ready to share some absolutely delicious desserts made for a hot summer day!

1. Mixed Berry Crisp

Your favorite berries and a few simple ingredients combine in a snap to make this easy fruit-filled dessert that’s great for summer nights. Pairs perfectly with barbecue, picnics and a little ice cream.

2. Raspberry Filling

The slight tartness of fresh raspberries works beautifully in this delicious filling that’s great for taking cakes and cupcakes up a notch. Layer in almond, vanilla or chocolate cake for a real treat, or drizzle on angel food or pound cake!

3. Strawberry Filling

Sure, strawberries pair perfectly with shortcake, but what about lemon, chocolate or vanilla? Use this recipe as a filling between layers or pipe into cupcakes for a burst of fresh sweetness your guests will love.

4.Lemon Filling

Amp up the lemony goodness with this easy filling that’s just perfect for layering or topping lemon cake – or add a little pizzazz to strawberry or vanilla cake! It’s a little sweet, a little tart, and a lot delicious.

5. Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry shortcake is a classic summer dessert for a reason – fresh berry filling, whipped cream and shortcake combine to delight. Use our non-stick bar baking pan to bake the perfect size shortcakes up in a snap and layer for a perfect end to a warm night.

6. Plum Shortcake

If you’re more of a plum fan than a strawberry person, these delicious shortcakes feature just-cooked stone fruit for a sweet taste of summer.

7. Raspberry Orange Muffins

Combine raspberry and citrus for these delicious breakfast treats that also make a great snack any time of the day. The light orange glaze on top adds an extra bit of sweetness for an ideal summer treat.

8. Mixed Fruit Tart

Bake up a brunch classic with this light, fresh fruit tart. Filled with creamy custard and topped with plump berries or your favorite fruits, it’s sure to delight. Serve for breakfast, brunch, baby showers or other festive occasions

9. Puff Pastry Fruit Pockets

Think toaster strudel but better! These handheld delights are easy to make with frozen puff pastry and cherry preserves, or swap out your favorite jam to customize. A drizzle of icing and you’re on your way to delicious.

10. Lemon Raspberry Streusel Jumbo Muffins

Start the day the right way with these lemon raspberry muffins that are bursting with flavor! They’re topped with buttery streusel for a sweet crunch and packed with citrusy-sweet fruit flavors.

11. Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies

Take your brownies up a notch by swirling in creamy raspberry cheesecake batter, bursting with fresh fruit flavor. These raspberry cheesecake brownies are a luscious dessert that take advantage of the season and are sure to impress your loved ones.

12. Blueberry Brunch Cake

Buttery vanilla cake, nutty, crunchy streusel and juicy blueberries—what more do you need? This delectable coffee cake is a perfect addition to brunch or top with whipped cream for a light and fruit-filled summer dessert.

13. Blueberry Streusel Muffins

Waking up is easier when you have blueberry muffins waiting! These buttery, sweet and crunchy muffins are bursting with blueberry flavor, so they’re the perfect way to start the day.

14. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

A classic summer dessert! This delicious fruit pie combines tart rhubarb and sweet, juicy strawberries to make this picnic staple. A little orange zest and cinnamon elevates this dessert for an added burst of flavor.

15.Blooming Cherry Pie

An all-American dessert with a little extra creativity! Forget lattice crust; this pie features floral-cut outs using a fondant cutter for a quick, easy, impressive touch to a classic pie.

16. Summer Berry Mini Trifles

What could be easier than dessert in a cup? Layers of angel food cake, whipped icing and berries combine for a divine dessert that’s both simple and impressive.

17. Yogurt Fruit Pops

Enjoy a little something sweet (without the guilt) with these angel food cupcakes. Topped with whipped cream and berries, these bite-sized treats are perfect for Easter brunch.

18. Pistachio and Raspberry Greek Yogurt Pops

The crunch of pistachios and the tangy creaminess of Greek yogurt combine with juicy raspberries to create a healthy frozen treat that’s fun to eat.

19. Raspberry Peach Pie

Sweet, tart and full of flavor, this pie takes the classic peach and turns up the volume with tart and juicy raspberries. Perfect for picnics and family gatherings, this one might just be your new favorite.

20. Mini Fruit Tarts

These buttery bite-size treats are bursting with flavor! A flaky crust and creamy filling is topped with fresh berries to make a perfect afternoon treat or summery dessert.

What’s your favorite fruit-filled summer dessert? Let us know in the comments below, or share a photo of your apple pie, strawberry shortcake or fruit tart on social media and tag us @wiltoncakes.

mixed berry crisp with vanilla ice cream on top

20 Summer Fruit Desserts Perfect for Warm Weather!

Grab some of your favorite fresh or frozen fruit, get the vanilla ice cream and whipped cream ready, and get ready to share some absolutely delicious desserts made for a hot summer day!
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