Easy St. Patrick’s Day Desserts

March 14th, 2018 by Desiree Smith



Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and satisfy your sweet tooth with some of our favorite Irish-inspired treats on the internet. Coming off of New Years, Valentine’s Day and with Easter around the corner, we know St. Paddy’s Day can sneak up on you — so we’re giving you five easy recipes and decorating ideas you can pull off in a pinch.



1. St. Paddy’s Day Rainbow Cupcakes

We love @jennycookies‘ easy-to-make rainbow cupcakes! Making the cute pot o’ gold on top is as simple as dipping Rolo candy into a teensy bit of icing, Wilton Gold Pearlized Sugar and our Sugar Pearls.

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Kelly Clare Photography

(Photo by Kelly Clare Photography)

2. St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow & Gold Donuts

The perfect St. Paddy’s Day breakfast, these donuts feature a bright green batter and glinting gold sugar to ensure you have a festive morning.

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3. Marshmallow Fondant Four-Leaf Clovers

Let Amanda Steiner of @shortcakesedmonton inspire you with these sweet little four-leaf clovers. You’ll find all the luck you need in these tiny, shiny talismans.

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Amanda Steiner | @shortcakesedmonton

4. St. Patrick’s Day Ombre 5-Layer Cake

Ombre cakes are as easy as 1-2-3 (4-5)! Use our Easy Layers Cake Pan Set to dazzle friends and co-workers with this elegant St. Patrick’s Day treat. 

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5. St. Paddy’s Shakin’ Shots Recipe

The classic Shamrock Shake gets an upgrade and an adult twist with these adorably dangerous St. Paddy’s Shakin’ Shots. Want to share with the family? Swap the liqueur for milk. Finish with the dollop of whipped cream and a dash of Gold Pearlized Sugar  for a little bit of sparkle.

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