What’s Galentine’s Day? This imaginary February 13th holiday created by Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope has become a real-life event, where ladies gather to celebrate ladies over the best, most important meal of the day.

As our gift to you, we’ve gathered six Galentine’s Day ideas for breakfast and breakfast-adjacent recipes that will show your appreciation the best way possible: with homemade treats that honor the spirit of friendship and brunch. From mocktail-style desserts to a new twist on must-have waffles, our brunch ideas bring together sweet and savory for a spread that will treat any poetic land mermaid who chooses to “kick it breakfast style” on this, the best day of the year.

Galentine’s Day Waffle Cake

The perfect food gets an easy, colorful update that can be used as a stylish centerpiece or unique place setting. Tinted batter and multicolored rosettes are sweetly delicate or try buckwheat waffles and fresh fruit for a more rustic Galentine’s look. Either way, don’t forget the tons of whipped cream.

Heart French Macaron Cookies

Show all your opalescent tree sharks your love by writing compliments and cute sayings on these fancy French macaron cookies. The light and crunchy heart-shaped outside beautifully compliments a rich chocolate or hazelnut filling – kind of like an edible metaphor for friendship.

Red Velvet Brownies with a Cheesecake Swirl

Friendship means eating the cheesecake, so lucky for you, our delicious and amazing cheesecake swirl brownies combine the yumminess of red velvet brownies and the lushness of cream cheese for a dessert that will make any galentine swear she would eat at least ten.

Valentine’s Day Baked French Toast

Any party is better with options. For a sweet alternative to waffles, try our heart-shaped baked French toast. A cinnamon crumble topping and sweet sugar drizzle top Italian bread loaf cubes for a taste that will make all your gals’ hearts happy.

Mini Ham and Avocado Biscuit Sliders

Is one of your gal pals a meat connoisseur that appreciates the artistry of homemade furniture? Give them a hearty bite of a buttermilk biscuit made with sweet potato, sage and paprika filled with a delicious meat tornado of ham, topped with avocado. So good they’ll want five courses.

Peach Bellini Parfaits

Treat your galentines with a luxurious dessert featuring peach-flavored sponge cake circles topped with peach and champagne whipped cream. It’s a great way to end your Galentine’s party with a toast that reminds them what’s important in life: friends and waffles.

How are you celebrating the ladies in your life this Galentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments or snap a quick pic of your amazing spread and tag us on Instagram @Wiltoncakes.

Happy Valentine's Day

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