Black frosting has the potential to make any dessert stand out, but getting true black frosting can be a bit of a challenge. Most of the time we continue to add frosting color only to discover our frosting is just dark gray – not black.

Well all of that is about to change! We’ve put our black frosting colors to the test to determine just how much color is needed to achieve your desired shade of black. Whether you’re using Color Right base colors or traditional frosting colors, you’ll be able to get rich, deep black frosting in no time.

For Coloring Large Amounts of Frosting (1 Cup or More)

Color Right Food Coloring System

Featuring ultra-concentrated colors in squeezable bottles, the Color Right system will give you a rich dark shade of black without compromising consistency. The Black base color is included in the full Color Right collection but can also be purchased individually.

  • Light Gray: 1 cup white buttercream frosting + 5 drops of color
  • Medium Gray: 1 cup white buttercream frosting + 10 drops of color
  • Dark Gray: 1 cup white buttercream frosting + 20 drops of color
  • Black: 1 cup white buttercream frosting + 100 drops of color

For a quicker and easier solution, use our Chocolate Decorator Icing as your base, rather than white buttercream.

  • 1 can Chocolate Decorator Icing (16 oz) + 30 drops of color

Icing Colors

Icing colors are a great way to tint your buttercream. Be sure to use a clean teaspoon or toothpick to add color to your frosting.

  • Light Gray: 1 cup white buttercream frosting + 1/8 teaspoon of color
  • Medium Gray: 1 cup white buttercream frosting + ¼ teaspoon of color
  • Dark Gray: 1 cup white buttercream frosting + 1 teaspoon of color

To get black frosting using icing colors, we suggest using our Chocolate Decorator Icing as your base, rather than white buttercream. Simply add Black icing color to the chocolate icing using a toothpick or knife. Continue adding until you achieve your desired shade.

For Small Amounts of Frosting (Less Than 1 Cup)

If you need less than 1 cup of black frosting for your project, we suggest using one of our pre-colored black icing pouches or tubes. We have several varieties to best suit your needs.

Black Icing Pouch with Tips

This icing pouch also includes two decorating tips (round and star tip) for easy and convenient decorating.

Black Ready-to-Use-Icing Tube

This tube is like having a decorating bag filled with icing ready to go! Simply use a coupler to attach any standard-sized Wilton decorating tip to the end of this tube and you’re ready to decorate.

Black Cookie Icing

This quick-setting icing is great for decorating sugar cookies or gingerbread cookies. The cap of this bottle also acts as a small round tip to help you pipe messages, borders, dots and more.

Black Sparkle Gel

Need to write a quick message on your cake or add a few sparkly black decorations? This gel tube will get the job done in no time. Try it on cookies, cupcakes, brownies and more!

Helpful Hints

  • For deeper blacks, try making your buttercream from scratch. Our buttercream frosting recipe is easy to color and tastes delicious!
  • If possible, make your black frosting a day or two ahead of time. The color will deepen as it sets.
  • While you can tint white buttercream, using chocolate buttercream as a base will make it much easier to get dark blacks without having to add a lot of color.
  • For a unique effect, try spraying your decorated treats with Black Color Mist food coloring spray

How did your black frosting turn out? Share your creations on Instagram and tag us @wiltoncakes so we can see!

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