If you’re looking for a fun, beginner piping technique you can use to decorate cakes, cookies and more, look no further than the shell! Piped using a standard star tip, this decoration is great for adding a border to the top or bottom of your cake. We’re using a large 1M star tip, but you can pipe a shell with any star tip you have on hand!


Step 1: Fit a decorating bag with a star tip and medium consistency frosting. Hold decorating bag at an angle with the back of the bag facing you, tip slightly above the surface.

Step 2: Squeeze hard, letting frosting fan out generously as it forces the tip up.

Step 3: Gradually relax pressure as you lower tip, at the same time pulling the bag toward you until tip reaches the surface.

Step 4: Stop squeezing and pull tip along the surface to form a point.

Step 5: To make a continuous shell border, start your next shell so that the fanned end just covers the tail of the preceding shell to form a chain.

Notes: Experiment with different sized star tips to change the shape and size of shells.