Learn how to pipe buttercream rosettes using different star tips. Featuring tips 32, 1M and 2D, this video will show you how to pipe a simple rosette, great for decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more.

Pipe rosettes of different sizes for a unique look, or stick with one tip to add a lovely border to your cake or cover your treat in beautiful buttercream flowers.



Step 1 Bake cakes. Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions. Bake three cake layers. Level one layer to 1 in.tall. Level, fill and stack layers for 5 in. high cake. Using creamy icing, crumbcoat cake, then chill 15 minutes.​

Using creamy icing, heavily ice cake, using spatula to make diagonal markings on side of cake. Spatula ice spiral on top of cake.


Step 2 Tint icing. Combine Orange and Christmas Red icing colors to get light-light orange, light orange, medium orange, light coral and medium coral icing colors shown.

Using color combinations provided and white decorator icing, tint ¾ cup icing light-light orange, 1 cup light orange, ¼ cup medium orange, ¾ cup light coral and ¼ cup medium coral.


Step 3 Prepare decorating bags. Prepare bags with tips and icing as follows:

  • Tip 1M: light orange icing
  • Tip 32: spatula stripe bag with medium orange and fill with light-light orange icing
  • Tip 2D: spatula stripe bag with medium coral and fill with light coral icing


Step 4 Decorate cake. Lightly mark top of cake into fifths. Using 1M tip, pipe rosette on each mark. Pipe and fill around rosettes with additional rosettes, alternating between remaining prepared bags.