Want to brighten up your just-baked, freshly iced-treats? Top them with royal icing flowers you made yourself! If you’re thinking it would be nearly impossible because you’ve never done it before, have no fear. We’ve got the tips and tricks to make creating them a piece of cake, no pun intended.

Pick a Few Flowers

Gather some pictures of flowers from Pinterest to get some inspiration and ideas before you start. A few of our favorites made with royal icing are cherry blossoms, tulips, water lilies, hibiscus and poppies.

Make Your Royal Icing Just Right

A royal icing with a nice, stiff consistency is ideal for piping flowers, and it’s simple to make. Grab our icing recipe here. It only has three ingredients!

Be Prepared

Have an assortment of tips, couplers and disposable piping bags ready to go so that when you begin piping your flowers, you can easily switch between tips and icing colors.

Blooms in All Sizes

Pipe flowers in different sizes to create a garden of life-like blossoms on cakes, cookies and cupcakes.

Square Off Your Parchment

Attach squares of parchment or wax paper to your flower nail using a dot of icing, then pipe your royal icing flowers on the square. When you’ve finished, remove the square and place on a flat surface to dry overnight. Once dry, you can store your flowers up to two weeks. When ready to use, just pull the flowers off the parchment.

Grow Your Skills

Remember, your flowers don’t have to be perfect – real flowers in nature have all kinds of irregularities, so your royal icing replicas can, too. You’ll learn as you go, so have fun with it and make them uniquely your own!

To pipe the flowers mentioned above, we recommend the following decorating tips:

  • For cherry blossoms – 101 or 102, 3
  • For tulips – 12, 3, 123 or 104
  • For water lilies – 12, 233, 366, 352
  • For hibiscus – 5, 104
  • For poppies – 104, 32, 2

Have you made royal icing flowers before? What’s your favorite? Post a picture in the comments below, tell us if it worked perfectly or not and be sure to share your favorite tips and tricks for piping with royal icing to help out your fellow decorators. Also, follow us on Instagram @wiltoncakes!