Matcha Desserts!

April 3rd, 2018 by Desiree Smith


Matcha has long been used in its primary form as a powdered tea, both for its health benefits and caffeine (it has about the same as a brewed cup of coffee)! Chefs have started incorporating matcha into both sweet and savory recipes, from muffins to stir fry. For you green tea enthusiasts, check out the recipes below that incorporate this earthy umami flavor into some classic desserts!

Ginger cake with green tea icing

Ditch the predictable chocolate and vanilla options for this sweet and spicy ginger cake, topped off with a Wilton signature green tea icing!

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Matcha Cake


Green Tea Cupcakes




If you’re looking for a light and tasty treat this season, Sarah at Savoring Spoon has crafted a de-light-ful green tea cupcake that are vegan friendly. These delicate darlings are topped off with flowers for a perfect spring dessert!

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lemon matcha cake bites

Thirsty for Tea founder Bonnie Eng is a tea enthusiast who enjoys finding fresh new ways to include it in her recipes. Try out her lemon matcha bites, a sophisticated twist on the oh-so-popular cake balls and follow her on Instagram for more tea-filled recipes!

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Matcha Truffles

Taste the unexpected with these peach and green tea truffles – made with fruity peach concentrate and matcha powder inside a white candy exterior, these bite size desserts are sure to impress guests for a housewarming or shower event!

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