Baby showers have always been a fun way to “shower” the mother-to-be with gifts and affection. Today, the hostess has many options when planning the celebration. From pastel rattles and baby feet to bright florals and bugs, the colors and themes are endless.

At Wilton, we offer the complete solution for the hostess. She needs to make only one stop to get all the coordinating supplies including favors, decoration, games and candy. It’s easier than ever to have a fabulous party as unique and special as the mom-to-be! In addition to traditional baby showers, there are other fun types of celebrations to welcome the new baby.

Sip ‘n’ See

The Sip ‘n’ See is a celebration after the baby is born. It is usually done for one of two reasons. Either baby came early and there was not time for a traditional shower, or the baby is second or third in the family and a full fledge baby shower is not needed. Guests bring little gifts for the baby, sip a beverage of choice, and see the newborn! Favors can be given as tokens of appreciation. An activity like signing the welcome baby garland or autograph plate is oh so fun and provides a sweet keepsake that can be used to decorate the nursery.

Couples Shower

A great way to include the dad-to-be is to have a couples shower! These are more likely to happen in the evening and adult beverages and appetizers are typically served. Gifts are usually opened after the guests leave. A fun game to play is who can drink out of the bottle fastest!

Finding Out Party

My sister just had one of these and boy (or should I say girl) was it exciting! She asked the ultrasound technician to put the results in a sealed envelope. She took the envelope to the bakery and had a cake prepared – white frosting on the outside, pink or blue frosting center, dependent upon what information was in the envelope. She invited all their friends and family over for a finding out party. She took a vote to see how many thought girl and how many thought boy. Then, she cut into the cake! She was so excited to see pink frosting that she flipped the piece into the air! The guests who guessed girl won! For this kind of party, select from our gender-neutral designs for decorations and favors.

Cute favor ideas

To get the creative juices flowing, I have included two favor ideas. The first works for both favor and as a centerpiece for the tables. I call it Rattle Bouquet. To create, first fill the rattle favors with baby button candy or other baby shower favor candy. Write or print your message on the tags and attach using the ribbons provided in the kit. Create as many favors as seats at each table. Then, fill any dish, pot, or pail with another candy, like peppermint pearls and stick the favors into the center to form a bouquet. Finish by attaching a ribbon of your choice at the top of the container.

The second favor idea is umbrella favors. First, assemble the shade of the umbrella. Then, fill with small candy like pastel pearls. Stick the handle part of the umbrella into the center and fold over the top to hold in place. Lastly, write or print your message on the adorable ladybug tags and attach to the handle using the ribbon included.

We’d love to hear your baby shower game and favor ideas. Don’t forget to check our website for dozens of ideas for baby themed cakes, cookies and cupcakes too!

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