Sweet First Communion Party Favors

May 8th, 2012 by Erica Sanchez

Last May, both my daughters made their First Holy Communion. For a treat, guests received candy lollipops as a remembrance of the special day. The lollipops were easy to make using Wilton Candy Molds and Candy Melts® candy!

Since one of my daughters likes the color pink and the other loves purple, those were going to be the colors for the lollipops. Now, I also love working with Colorburst Candy Melts® candy, which are available in Pastels and Brights. So, I decided to experiment!

Using a Wilton disposable decorating bag, I added a few pink Candy Melts® candy and then a few Colorburst Brights Candy Melts® candy. I continued to alternate the two candies until the decorating bag was a little more than half full.

Next, I put the bag in the microwave for 30-second intervals at a time. This way I could squeeze the bag and check on the melting process. Microwave times vary, and it’s important to check on your melted candy. My microwave isn’t the best, and in total, takes about 1 minute and 30 seconds to melt candy to the desired consistency.

First Communion Candy Pops

Once this is completed, cut the tip of your disposable bag for molding your lollipops. Remember not to cut a lot off of your bag, because it will make it messy when squeezing into the mold. If it’s too small, cut a little more off the tip to make a larger opening.

When you squeeze the bag with the two types of melted candy, the colors run together into the lollipop mold for a cool marble effect. And, because Colorburst Candy Melts® candy is predominantly white, it lightens the melted pink and lavender candy, making it a softened pastel shade.

First Communion Candy Pops

After filling the Cross and Bible Lollipop Mold according to the packaging directions, insert the sticks and refrigerate. Wait about 15 minutes or so, and pop the treats out. You can then customize them however you like!

I placed them inside bags from the Wilton Lollipop Wrapping Kit. Next, I printed thank-you notes from my daughters with their names and date of their First Holy Communion. Using different shades of ribbon for extra flair, I attached the notes and favor tags from our Wilton wedding line to the lollipops. They were the hit of the party!

Wilton candy molds and Candy Melts® candy make fantastic favors for any holiday or celebration. Have fun creating your own sweet candy treats! Don’t forget to check our website for more First Communion treat ideas or to learn more candy-making techniques.

Erica Sanchez Erica is the Bilingual Inside Sales Rep for Wilton. She has 3 kids and a patient husband at home. Erica loves any excuse to work on a crafty project, no matter what the holiday (which makes for the patient husband). Working at Wilton has given her more opportunity to experiment with all crafts - including baking! Erica has known the Wilton brand since childhood; her mom was a cake decorator, and of course the trait was passed on and is in her DNA! She loves teaching her kids little tricks and extra features on using Wilton products and of course this gives her more hands-on experience as well.

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  1. Paula says:

    Hi Erica!

    Great job!!! These are beautiful! I loved the idea to use the Colorburst Candy Melts with the solid colors. I bet these were a big hit!!!

  2. Really nice. I’ve never considered a first communion celebration but I guess you never really need an excuse for a party. I particularly like the cross. Thanks for sharing!

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