Shark Cakes and Cookies and Desserts, Oh My: 4 Treats You’ll Want to Get Your Jaws On

July 20th, 2018 by Desiree Smith

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Summertime’s got us thinking about sharks!  Whether you’re hosting a shark-themed party or surprising a loved one with an affinity for these creatures, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of our favorite shark-inspired cakes and cookies.

Shark Cake is Here!

This impressive shark cake is sure to make a splash at any party, and it’s surprisingly easy to decorate. Creating the shark is as simple as snipping shapes from the White Decorator Preferred Fondant.

Find the Instructions Here

SHark Fin Cookies

You better watch out for these Shark Fin Cookies! The butter cookie base and royal icing finish is a dangerously delicious pairing.

Find the Instructions Here 

Big Bruce Shark Cake

This shark cake bears a striking resemblance to his namesake — the infamous antagonist in Jaws — but unlike his doppelgänger, Bruce is just here for a good time.

Find the Instructions Here

Shark Cookies

Fish are friends, not food — unless you happen to find them on a plate of delicious cookies! The perfect project for intermediate decorators, these cookies are sure to make waves at all your summer events.

Find the Instructions Here 

Planning to take a bite out of one of these projects? Show us the finished result on Instagram, and tag us @wiltoncakes!

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    I’m looking for a shark fin ice ring someone told me they bought here but I can’t find it

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