Ever since I was in high school, my friend Natalie has loved pink flamingos. To this day, when I’m out and about or shopping and see something flamingo themed, it automatically puts a smile on my face. 

I love to snap a photo and text her to let her know I’m thinking about her. To me, summertime is all about beaches, water, colorful flowers, and thanks to my friend Natalie…pink flamingos! So when I wanted to make a unique topper for my next batch of cupcakes, I felt inspired by my friend Natalie, to add on some super cute flamingos.

Roll Out the Flamingos into the Right Shape

I found the perfect flamingo cutter in Wilton’s Animal Cookie Cutter Set. Using Decorator Preferred White Fondant and the Color Right Performance Food Coloring Set, I mixed up the perfect shade of “flamingo pink” fondant

Next, I used the roller from my How to Decorate with Fondant Shapes and Cut-Outs Kit and thinly rolled out the fondant and cut out the flamingos. Once I was finished, I put them on my Perfect Results Premium Non-Stick Cooling Rack to dry overnight.

Decorate the Flamingos

The next day, after letting my newly shaped fondant flamingo friends dry, I used a FoodWriter Edible Black Color Marker and drew on the eyes and beaks.

Add Some Floral Flair

Using a mini fondant cut-out from the How to Decorate with Fondant Shapes and Cut-Outs Kit, I prepared yellow gum paste fondant and cut out the flowers. I also added some White Sugar Pearl Sprinkles for the centers and lifted the petals of the flowers up a bit.

Make Some Cupcakes, Top with Frosting & Add the Flamingos

To really make my flamingos shine, I used some Gold Foil Cupcake Liners to hold my delicious cupcakes. They are foil lined, so my chocolate cupcakes did not show through at all. I used White Decorator Icing and the Color Right Performance Food Coloring Set to make my blue green icing color. 

I then used a 12-Inch Disposable Decorating Bag with an Open Star Cake Decorating Tip 1M to pipe on the icing. Finally, I lightly pushed a flamingo into each cupcake, added a flower or two and then crumbled on some graham cracker crumbs to create a beachy feel.

I think I can say that Natalie’s inspiration helped make these cupcakes special, but it sure helps that they’re tasty too!