Ever since I was in high school, my friend Natalie has loved pink flamingos.  To this day, when I’m out and about or shopping and see something flamingo themed, it automatically puts a smile on my face.  I love to snap a photo and text her to let her know I’m thinking about her.

Summer time is beaches, water, colorful flowers, and…pink flamingos! I felt inspired by my friend Natalie to create these flamingo cupcakes.

I found the perfect flamingo cutter in the Animal Pals Cutter Set.  Using Ready-To-Use Gum Paste and pink from the Color Right Performance Color System, I mixed up the perfect shade of “flamingo pink”.  Next, I used my 9” Fondant Roller and thinly rolled out the gum paste and cut out the flamingos. I put them on my Cooling Grid to dry overnight.

The next day, I used a black FoodWriter Edible Color Marker and drew on the eyes and beaks.

Using a Flower Fondant Cut-Out Set, I prepared yellow gum paste and cut out flowers. I added White Sugar Pearls for the centers and lifted the petals of the flowers up a bit.

The Blue Ombre ColorCups were the perfect choice for my beach themed cupcakes!  They are foil lined, so my chocolate cupcakes did not show through.

I used the Creamy Decorator Icing and Color Right System to make my blue green icing color.  I used a Disposable Bag and Tip 1M to pipe on the icing.  I lightly pushed a flamingo into each cupcake, added a flower or two and then crumbled a graham cracker to add that sandy feel.

How are you going to decorate your summer cupcakes?

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