Father’s Day is the perfect reason to celebrate dear old dad and the hobbies that make him unique. Show him how much he means to you with a personalized cake!

Let’s be honest, sometimes it can be hard to come up with unique Father’s Day cake ideas to help celebrate dear old dad. To help you out, we dreamed up a flannel-inspired creation using our Checkerboard Cake Pan Set that you can easily decorate to pay homage to a few of your dad’s favorite things. Use our example of campfires, tents and trees for the great outdoorsman in your life — or get creative: computers, glasses and books for the ultimate geek dad or forks, frying pans and carrots for the Top Chef in your family. The sky’s the limit!

No matter what theme you choose, your dad will surely appreciate the love and creativity that you put into this homemade Happy Father’s Day Cake a lot more than any store-bought sheet cake or ice cream cake.

Ready to get started? We recommend practicing your drawings with pencil and paper before you begin decorating!

Happy Father's Day Cake

An easy decorating project for beginners, this cake would also be great for birthdays, retirement parties or just to show dad how great he is! If your dad isn't really an outdoorsman, customize this cake with his favorite things instead! Try sports-themed icons for active dads—or decorate it with some of dad's favorite jokes! No matter what the theme, dad is sure to love this homemade Happy Father's Day cake.
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Course Dessert



Bake Cakes

  • Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions.
  • Combine Kelly Green and Black icing colors to get light, medium and dark green colors shown. Tint three cups batter light green, six cups batter medium green and 3 cups batter dark green using color combinations provided. Transfer batter to 16 in. decorating bags.
  • Prepare pan with dividing ring. Starting in center, fill center ring 1/2 full with medium green batter, next ring 1/2 full with light green batter and outer ring 1/2 full with medium green batter. Carefully remove dividing ring; rinse and dry thoroughly. Repeat color combination in second pan. Remove, rinse and dry dividing ring.
  • Prepare third pan with dividing ring. Starting in center, fill center ring 1/2 full with dark green batter, next ring 1/2 full with medium green batter and outer ring 1/2 full with dark green batter. Remove dividing ring.
  • Bake and cool cakes.

Ice Cake

  • Level, fill and stack cake. Ice cake smooth.
  • Using Cake Marker, position one pin at 1¼ in. mark and one pin at 2¾ in. mark. Make random marks around cake.

Decorate Cake

  • Using Black icing color, tint 1/4 cup icing black. Prepare decorating bag with tip 2 and black icing. Pipe designs, starting at top section of cake and using marks as guide for bottom of each design. Repeat for middle row and bottom row.
  • Pipe message on top of cake.

Enjoy Your Delicious Homemade Cake & Celebrate Dad!

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