15 Cakes for Mother’s Day

April 13th, 2016 by Desiree Smith

Want to make something sweet for mom this Mother’s Day? No matter what your skill level is – beginner, buttercream lover, fondant fanatic or gum paste guru – there’s sure to be a cake here that you can make with love for mom. Bonus: many of these cake designs work for birthdays, bridal or baby showers or other celebrations! They’re just right for spring and summer months. Check out these 15 cakes for Mother’s Day.

15 Cakes for Mother's Day

1. Painted Buttercream Cake. You are an icing artist! Prove it with this impressionistic flower cake, painted with icing and the Color Right Performance Color System. This is a great one for kids to help with, too.

Painted Buttercream Cake


2. Pastel Impressions Cake. Strong texture meets whisper-soft color on a cake that’s right for Mother’s Day or any occasion. Create the stucco-like texture by pulling your spatula in short strokes over the thickly-iced sides. Use Color Right Performance Color System to tint the gentle purple shade, then stripe your bag to make the variegated flower bouquet.

Pastel Impressions Cake


3. Spring Field Buttercream Cake. So pretty, yet so very easy to decorate, this cake presents a fantastic centerpiece for any celebration. Tint buttercream icing using Wilton Icing Colors to create a stunning spectrum of delicious color. Create a pennant topper that says “Mom” to top it off!

Spring Field Buttercream Cake


4. Sweetly Pink Star Cake. Delicate-looking stars in four shades of rose buttercream icing create a stunning ombre design on this cake.

Sweetly Pink Star Cake


5. Just Peachy Wilton Rose Cake. Two sizes of the famous Wilton Rose decorate this 5 inch high cake. Iced in a creamy peach buttercream icing, it’s perfect to serve at Mother’s Day, a get-together with friends or a birthday party.

Just Peachy Wilton Rose Cake


6. Teal Rosette Ombre Cake. Different-sized rosettes in shades of teal create an amazing ombre effect on this celebration cake. Change up the color but use the same techniques to match your mom’s favorite colors!

Teal Rosette Ombre Cake


7. Party-Ready Violet Cake. Spectacular describes the look of this ruffled cake. The decorating uses just one tip, Wilton Decorating Tip 104 for the ruffled shape, and a zigzag motion to create the texture.

Party Ready Violet Cake


8. Flower Overflow Cake. Drop flowers are always a hit! They’re easy to do and look great on your cake, especially when finished with a Sugar Pearl center.

Flower Overflow Cake


9. Fresh Floral Cake. Fondant is tinted in six hot fashion colors, then shaped into tufts to create a swash of brilliant texture across your cake! Use the Wilton® Color Right® Performance Color System to tint the bright fondant shades using the QuickCount drop-by-drop formulas.

Fresh Floral Cake


10. Shell Weave & Fantasy Flower Cake. Icy blue shells thread their way through bands of yellow and gray on a cake that adds a touch of springtime to any time of year. A lush fantasy flower, with petals cut using the Hearts Double Cut-Outs Set, provides a beautiful finishing touch.

Shell Weave & Fantasy Flower Cake


11. Five Shades of Violet Cake. This attractive cake delivers a dose of purple passion. Use the Wilton Easy Layers! Cake Pan Set to bake the layers easily. The simple icing techniques allow you to decorate in a flash.

Five Shades of Violet Cake


12. Sweet Garden Cake. Whimsical flowers give this cake a cute yet creative edge that is perfect for birthday or Mother’s Day festivities. Use a variety of tip techniques taught in Wilton Method classes to achieve these beautiful blossoms.

Sweet Garden Cake


13. Pink Blossom Bouquet Cake. A floral topper adds an elegant touch to this springtime cake. Use the Gum Paste Flower Cutter Set to craft these delicate flowers with ready-to-use Gum Paste.

Pink Blossom Bouquet Cake


14. Metallic Purple Flower Cake. Looking for a minimalistic approach to cake decorating but still want a pop of color? Top your buttercream-iced cake with a fantasy flower, created from Decorator Preferred Purple Fondant and shaped using the Wilton Geometric Fondant Cut-Outs Pattern Set.

Metallic Purple Flower Cake


15. Field of Daisies CakeDaisies provide delightful dimension to this watercolor-inspired cake design. Use the Gum Paste Flower Cutter Set and Ready-To-Use Gum Paste to craft these exquisite flowers in advance. Then, paint the lush backdrop using Wilton Icing Colors.

Field of Daisies Cake

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