Buttercream Flower Wreath Cakes & Other Floral Techniques

May 20th, 2016 by Desiree Smith

4 Buttercream Flowers

Spring is in full bloom and summer is just around the corner (31 days to be exact!), but who’s counting? To celebrate, we dug up our favorite buttercream flower video tutorials. You might already know this, but these beautiful (and 100% delicious) buttercream flowers are really popular right now. The old school buttercream frosting technique is making a whole new comeback and was even named one of the Top 10 2016 Baking & Decorating Trends.

Learn how to make 4 popular buttercream frosting flowers: the tulip, the wild rose, carnation and hydrangea.



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How to Make Buttercream Flowers

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  1. basketpam says:

    Have I stopped living in reality or am I having flashbacks or some other thing but aren’t buttercream flowers the decoration for cakes that have been around the longest? For at least the last 50+ years cake decorators have piped buttercream flowers of all sorts onto cakes, especially wedding cakes and the standard sheet cake many people have purchased at the supermarket or some other place at one time or another. The idea of making flowers from gumpast, candy clay, fondant or any other material is the new “kid on the block”. The buttercream flowers are older than I am and that’s saying something. So now, all of a sudden, why do they have to be the latest “trend alert”? If something has been done for over 50 years at the very least how can it be a trend?

    • Tiffany Parotto says:

      You’re absolutely right. These beautiful buttercream flowers have been around a long, long time. Kind of like fashion, we tend to see “old” or existing styles make a comeback. This is the year of the buttercream flower’s comeback. The trend isn’t decorating with any old buttercream flower though. It’s about the color, volume and placement, too! Think tons of buttercream flowers in a variety of monochromatic shades with one or two contrasting “pops” of color. Another trendy way to apply this technique is by creating a gorgeous crescent shape or “statement ring” around a the top of a round cake, like you see in the Tulip video. The Statement Ring Flower Cake is a great example of this trend in action.

  2. While they have been around for over 50 years, new decorators were pushed into the still unaccepted fondant crase that has been tried to be forced upon erican decorators for the past 20 years. Finding that it will never really be accepted by American consumers they have finally given up and opened the way for a tremendous revival and celebration if American buttercream! Its a great time to be a beginning decorator and see the true craft of cake decorating being brought back to the forefront!

  3. michelle Bittner says:

    I wanna take a class is there one maybe in the Tupelo Mississippi area that is available

  4. Mehr says:

    Can you please post the recipe for buttercream frosting

  5. Day says:

    So pretty…. thanks for the tutorial, very helpfull…

  6. […] Buttercream Flowers Tutorials by Wilton […]

  7. Erin says:

    Would love to see how to make Poinsettia flowers for Christmas baking

  8. Rahila says:

    I really like it and want to learn .please send me receipes how I can make bitter cream first for flowers . Thanks and

  9. Lou says:

    I love your videos; short and sweet and very helpful! Can you tell me where to “like” them? I don’t see where to do that. Thanks a lot.

  10. Gwen Leslie says:

    I love the tutorials, they really show me how to do the flowers perfectly, please keep them coming. I love to bake and make everything pretty. Watching your u tubes helps me out a lot. Thanks so much. I am having fun with this.

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