With the 4th of July just weeks away, we want to tell all of you about some fun treats that would be perfect for the holiday celebrations. We got in touch with Beth Klosterboer of Hungry Happenings, who has a ton of festive 4th of July ideas! Check some of them out below.


America is known for the stars and the stripes, so why not tie those in to your holiday treats?! You can make mini American flags that are fun and easy! Using our Candy Melts candy,  cover mini pretzel sticks to create a smaller version of the American flag! Get the full recipe here.


Fudge is an all-time fave, and Wilton’s Mini Star Silicone Mold can be used to form the fudge into a festive shape. Make sure you incorporate red, white and blue by using our 4 Piece Primary Color Gel Icing Set! Get the full recipe here.


Business from the outside, party in the inside. Make your cake all for America this 4th of July by tie-dying the inside! Dress it up on the outside using our  Candy Melts candy. Get the full recipe here.


No bonfire needed for this twist on a summer favorite. Hungry Happenings has a great recipe for this layered bar. Don’t forget to grab our 9 x 13 in. Performance Pan to make this perfect patriotic treat! Get the full recipe here.


With 4th of July falling in the heat of summer, take a stand and cool off with this delicious ice cream desert. Decorate the outside of this treat with some of our Colored Sugars! Get the full recipe here.


Learn more about Beth and the creativity behind Hungry Happenings!

Q: Where do you get your ideas from for your Fourth of July treats?

A: I find inspiration for my food crafts from so many places. I love to look at toys and clip art and even crafts for design ideas. Once I have a vision of what I’d like to create then I look for foods that would work well.

Q: What are your favorite types of projects to make?

A: I love working with chocolate and Candy Melts. Whether I make a chocolate dessert or use chocolate to make candy clay to decorate cookies, cupcakes, or cakes, I’d say at least half of all the food crafts I make have some sort of chocolate in them or on them.

Q: How easy or hard can making these be? Are they beginner baker friendly, or do you need some experience?

A: I’d say if you are a beginner, I’d start by making the S’mores Magic Bars or Red, White and Blue Fudge Stars. They are both pretty easy recipes to follow. If you have a bit of experience working with Candy Melts then the White Chocolate Pretzel Flags will certainly be doable. The Red, White and Blue Tie-Dye Cake will be a bit more challenging, but I offer really detailed step-by-step directions on Hungry Happenings , so someone who’s comfortable baking will be able to create an amazing cake.

Q: What is your favorite Fourth of July recipe?

A: I love the Red, White, and Blue Tie-Dye Cake. The cake has a lovely coconut flavor and is covered in a wonderful coconut frosting. Plus is looks as amazing as it tastes. Each slice of cake reveals swirls of red, white and blue which look really festive for the patriotic holiday.

Q: Is there one Wilton product you couldn’t live without when making these festive treats?

A: There are so many Wilton products that I use all the time but I’d have to say one of my favorites, aside from Candy Melts, is the Easy Flex Silicone Mat. I use it to roll out fondant, modeling chocolate and cookies. I’ve even piped chocolate onto it to create decorations for my treats.