Animal cakes are a super cute way to celebrate a child’s birthday. Here are six aww-dorable cakes that your child will love and your guests will enjoy!


Planning a jungle-themed party? This chameleon cake is a showstopper that kids of all ages will love. Make the tail in advance with Ready-to-Use Gum Paste and mix and match your own icing colors to create a truly unique cake. Find all the tools you need and the step-by-step instructions here.


No one will feel crabby at your child’s party when they see this cute “crab cake.” Make the claws and legs using Decorator Preferred Fondant, and give yourself enough time as the pieces need to dry for at least a couple of days. Perfect for a summer birthday celebration or a beach-side party, this cake is an easy project for beginning decorators and those new to working with fondant.  Get the instructions here.


This adorable Polar Bear Cake will make a perfect centerpiece for a cool winter-themed birthday. Use your favorite cake recipe to make a three-layer cake or mix and match cake layers to reveal a colorful surprise. Decorate cake with flaked coconuts for a “fuzzy” look! Watch how to make the cake here and get the printable instructions here.

4. Wacky and Wild Lemur Cake

Everyone will have a swingin’ good time at your child’s birthday with this sweet lemur cake. Make the striped tail with gum paste and the eyes with fondant. Create a marbled effect on the cake by layering icing colors and smoothing them together with an Icing Smoother. Find the full instructions here.

5. Otterly Adorable Otter Cake

This otter cake is ready for some birthday fun! Use fondant to make the otter’s face and leave the top blank, or add a personalized birthday message. This cake is perfect for decorators of all skill levels. Get the how-to here.

6. It’s A Bug’s Life Cake

Whether your child is a budding entomologist or just has an affinity for creepy crawlies, this “bug cake” is a sweet way to celebrate their special day. Decorate using the piping gel transfer method and personalize with a message on top or use black icing to pipe little ants marching around the top or bottom edge of the cake. Get the instructions here.

Looking for more ideas? Check out this page to find more animal cakes, cupcakes and other treats for your celebration!

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