Inspire your creativity with these top five cake decorating videos. From different ways to use your favorite tips to easy ways to pipe borders and other designs, these videos make decorating a piece of cake!
Looking for some new cake decorating inspiration? You’ve come to the right place! These are five of our most well-loved cake decorating videos, filled with great suggestions on how to use various tips to pipe borders, decorations and other designs.
Tip 1M is a large star tip, great for piping rosettes, swirls and more. In this video, you’ll learn how to give your cake texture and dimension using the 1M tip by piping shells, lines and loops. These textured designs would also work well with a 2D drop flower tip.
Tip 2D is a large drop flower tip, great for piping swirling flowers on your cakes and cupcakes. However, it can also be used to pipe other types of decorations. From swirls to rosettes, stars to zigzags, this video will show you how versatile tip 2D can be!
Often used to pipe buttercream flowers, tip 104 can also be used to pipe waves and rows of petals that look like braids. In this video, you’ll learn three creative ways to put tip 104 to use. You can also use these techniques with other petal tips you have on hand!
Tip 81 isn’t one you see very often, but it’s great for piping floral details and adding dimension to your cake. Shaped like a small “u”, this tip can be used to create a scalloped design, a textured shell pattern or a fun bunch of flowers, as shown in this video.

Give your cake the perfect finishing touch with a 1M border. Whether you’re a beginning decorator or a seasoned buttercream lover, these colorful and dimensional borders are all easy to achieve with a large tip 1M (or vary the look with tip 2D or a large round tip!).
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