Why stick with one decorating technique when you can combine them all?

Topped with rosettes, stars, zigzags and more, these textured buttercream cupcakes are a great project for beginning decorators.

Use frosting in your favorite colors to experiment with different decorating ideas.

Combine rosettes with stars, or pair pull-out dots with zigzags for a fun and creative look.

Great for any holiday or celebration, these bright and vibrant cupcakes are sure to take your party from bland to grand.


Step 1: Bake cupcakes. 

Prepare cake mix following recipe instructions. Bake and cool cupcakes in white baking cups.

Step 2: Tint icing.

Tint 1 cup of icing lavender and 1 cup of icing dark purple using color combinations provided.

Combine Violet and Rose icing colors to get lavender color shown.

Combine Violet and Burgundy icing colors to get dark purple color shown.

Tint ½ cup icing each magenta, teal and chartreuse using color combinations provided.

Combine Rose and Violet icing colors to get magenta color shown.

Combine Teal and a touch of Kelly Green icing colors to get teal color shown.

Lastly, combine Lemon Yellow, Moss Green and a touch of Golden Yellow icing colors to get chartreuse color shown.

Step 3: Prepare decorating bags as follows:

  • Tip 1M, lavender icing
  • Tip 2D, magenta icing
  • Tip 4B, dark purple icing
  • Tip 233, teal icing
  • Tip 104, chartreuse icing

 Step 4: Decorate cupcakes. 

Using prepared bags, pipe variety of rosettes, drop flower stars, stars, grass and loose zigzags on top of each cupcake.