Bring fresh fruit to the forefront with these delicious pies and tarts! These summer pie and tart recipes feature bountiful berries, tropical citrus and creamy custards.

Celebrate summer with these mouth-watering tarts and pies – including bite-size treats and slab pies for a crowd. They’re perfect for picnics, brunches and all kinds of warm weather gatherings.

1. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

A classic summer dessert! This delicious fruit pie combines tart rhubarb and sweet, juicy strawberries to make this picnic staple. A little orange zest and cinnamon elevates this dessert for an added burst of flavor.

2. Braided Peach Pie

This pie is bursting with sweet, juicy peaches and decorated with a crust that looks much harder than it is, so you can impress anyone you serve it to. The secret to the braided crust is our decorative crust mold—we won’t tell if you don’t!

3. Mixed Fruit Tart

Combine a buttery, homemade tart crust with creamy vanilla pudding and your favorite fruits for an easy and impressive brunch treat or light summery dessert. It’s easy to customize with all your favorite flavors – try mixed berries, kiwi, or peach!

4. Key Lime Coconut Pie

Get a little tropical with this delicious summer pie! It combines the pucker of key lime custard with a coconut-scented cloud of meringue for a dessert that will make you feel like you’re on a beach.

5. Raspberry Peach Pie

Sweet, tart, juicy and bursting with flavor, this pie perfectly captures summer. A little cinnamon and nutmeg accent the fresh fruit and buttery pie crust – just add vanilla ice cream or, my favorite, a mound of whipped cream!

6. Lemon Raspberry Tarts

Sweet, citrusy and creamy, these mini tarts have it all. The flaky crust and just-tart-enough filling is perfect for bridal and baby showers, fancy brunches or just a sweet weekend treat.

7. Strawberry Rhubarb Slab Pie

Need pie for a crowd? Slab pies are a great option for larger groups and don’t need a special pan – a rimmed baking sheet will work great! This one features a delicious blend of raspberries and strawberries with a buttery crust and some cute heart-shaped crust toppers.

8. Mini Lemon Tarts

This classic summer dessert is now bite-sized! Use store-bought lemon curd to speed things up and pair with pre-made tart crusts and delightfully fluffy vanilla meringue for a quick and easy treat that really says summer.

9. Plum and Almond Tart

If you’re looking for something a little different, look no further – this tart combines ripe, juicy plum slices with nutty almond, and jazzes things up with accents of brown sugar, cinnamon and a hint of spice. And the long, narrow pan makes it easy to serve.

10. Grapefruit Graham Tart

If you’re tired of the same old lemon tart, look no further – this recipe combines a crunchy graham-cracker crust and fluffy meringue with grapefruit curd for a deliciously tart twist that’s great for summer dining.

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