How to Melt Candy Melts Candy for Dipping, Dunking, Drizzling and Molding

March 20th, 2019 by Desiree Smith

When you want to create mouth-watering candy-coated sweets like cake pops, dipped fruit, pretzels or lollipops, our Candy Melts® candy is your go-to. The meltability and smooth consistency makes them ideal for dipping, molding and drizzling. Here we offer up our best tips and tricks for melting Candy Melts candy to help you get the yummiest results every time.

For easy dipping of cake pops, cake balls, cookies and more, we suggest adding EZ Thin Dipping Aid to your Candy Melts candy. EZ Thin is great for thinning out the consistency of your candy for easier dipping, drizzling and dunking. It can also thin out melted Candy Melts candy that has been over-heated so nothing goes to waste! You can use EZ Thin with any of these melting techniques and it will not affect how your candy dries or hardens.

Before You Start

  • Whatever method you use, make sure that your bowl, pot, slow cooker and utensils are completely dry
  • Any water could cause your candy to harden and streak
  • Make sure not to overheat your candy by melting on too high of a setting or for too long; it will lose its consistency if it is overheated or if liquids are added
  • Candy Melts candy is ready for molding, dipping or drizzling when the texture is smooth and resembles cooked pudding
  • If candy becomes too thick, add 1 1/2 teaspoons of vegetable shortening per 10 oz. of candy; 2 teaspoons per 12 oz.

Microwave Oven

Simple and quick! You can use a glass bowl, a spouted measuring cup, a melting bottle or disposable decorating bag to melt your candy. Whichever you choose, microwave at 50% power or defrost setting for 1 minute. Stir thoroughly or knead bag; continue to microwave at the same setting in 15-30-second intervals, stirring or kneading until candy is almost completely melted. If there are still small pieces of candy that haven’t melted, let candy sit for about a minute. This prevents overheating and keeps your candy nice and smooth.  A melting bottle or disposable decorating bags are ideal for filling molds or drizzling treats with candy.

Double Boiler

If you’re new to the candy melting game, break out your double boiler. It’s super simple and helps candy melt to a nice, smooth consistency. Just fill the lower pot with 1 to 2 inches of water, making sure it won’t touch the bottom of the top pot. Bring the water to a simmer, then remove from the heat. Place top pot on lower pot, add Candy Melts candy and stir constantly until mostly melted. Remove top pot or bowl from heat, letting residual heat melt the smaller pieces.

Candy Melting Pot

You can dip and dunk til dawn with the Candy Melts Candy Melting Pot. It holds up to 2 1/2 cups of candy or chocolate, has two temperature settings; melt and warm as well as a removable silicone insert for easy cleaning. Easily dip cookies or pretzels to make candy-coated treats, or use as a fondue pot at your next party with fruit, cubed pound cake and marshmallows.

See all of these techniques in action in our helpful How to Melt Candy Melts candy video!:

Have any tips and tricks for melting Candy Melts candy? Tell us what they are in the comments below!

Desiree Smith Desiree is the Public Relations Manager at Wilton. She spends her days monitoring media opportunities, working with newspaper, magazine and television contacts, collaborating with bloggers and handling a variety of other odds and ends. Desiree has a degree in journalism and experience writing for newspapers and television. Outside of Wilton, she enjoys running and planning outings with friends.

10 Replies

  1. Deanna says:

    Hello ☺️ Can the gel icing coloring be used in the candy melts? Thank you!

  2. Kathy Kempf says:

    Hi, I have been using CandyMelts for a very long time, My Sister and I have a Pet Boutique, and I make Gourmet Pet Treats, so I have tried very many things over the years, trial and error is a big thing when it comes to any kind of Baking. Let me tell you what I finally found that works really well for me.
    1. Chefmaster Candy Color its a liquid, but not thick like a Jell.
    2.Chefmaster Powdered Food Coloring.
    Both work well, the problem with the Jell you asked about, will turn your candy into a hard rock, anything that has water in the ingredients wont work either and will do the same thing.
    Hope this will help.

  3. Desiree Smith says:

    Hi Deanna, you cannot use regular gel icing color with Candy Melts candy as it is water based and could cause your Candy Melts to seize. You can, however, use our Candy Colors which are oil-based and won’t harm the candy 🙂

  4. Lisa says:

    Hello. I am using candy melts to make molded chocolate. Once the chocolates are made and set, how long will they stay stable at room temperature? I have quite a lot to make and would like to do them several weeks before the event.

  5. Jan Woolley says:

    Can I place the Wilton drizzling scoop in the microwave to melt Starburst candy? I’m needing the transparency of the candy and am wondering if the scoop can withstand the heat needed to melt Starbursts.
    Thank you!

  6. Jeanette says:

    I’ve worked with Candy Melts on multiple occasions and haven’t ran into the issue I’m having with my latest project. I am using recently purchased melts and the Wilton melting pot. I put a little over half of the 12 oz bag in the pot on the melt setting. Stirring as needed, when nearly melted, I reduce to warm and I add the remaining melts form the bag and some of the EZ dip (this is with bright white chips). I then stir as needed to bring to a smooth consistency.

    Here in is the issue I’m having, when I spoon some of the mixture and let it run off of the spoon, it will run smooth initially, and then it separates and clumps on the spoon, resembling a cracked lakebed type of pattern. If I tap the spoon, I can get it partially smooth out – but its’s an extra step that I haven’t had to use when working with melts in the past.

    Please advise what can be done differently to have a smooth “runoff” of the excess chocolate (as this continues when dipping anything in it as well).

    • Desiree Smith says:

      Hi Jeanette,

      We’re sorry that you’re having trouble with our Candy Melts candy. Please send us an email at so we could look into your concerns further. Please include details where you purchased the product, and if you still have the packaging, please send us a photo of it showing the lot code stamped on it. Thanks and we appreciate your feedback.

  7. Julie Howdyshell says:

    how do I make a candy melt drip for a drip cake? Last time I tried all I did was melt the discs and spooned it on. As soon, of course, as it hit the chilled cake it got solid and the cake looked awful. Aside from possibly not chilling the cake and buttercream frosting, is there a better way of a recipe to make a ganache of sorts with the candy melts. I do not have shite chocolate chips or chocolate coloring as an option at this point. Thanks you

  8. Michele says:

    Your snowflake silicone molds are pictured with candy melts being placed directly into the mold, 3 wafers per section. Can they be melted in the mold by microwave? If so, what is the process? Thanks!

    • Desiree Smith says:

      Hi Michele,
      Yes, they can be melted directly in the mold in the microwave. Microwave the mold with the Candy Melts in it at 50% power, 30-second intervals, until the candy has completely melted.

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