3 Ways to Use Wilton Tip 81

March 15th, 2019 by Desiree Smith

Often used to pipe succulents, chrysanthemums or fun zigzag patterns, Wilton tip 81 is a unique petal-shaped cake decorating tip with a “U” curve. Because of its unique shape, tip 81 adds fun texture and design to your next decorating project!

Looking for fun ways to put this tip to use? Check out our video on 3 Ways to Use Wilton Tip 81, or follow along with the written write-up on wilton.com.

Here are a few more projects using tip 81:

What dessert designs have you made using tip 81? Show us on Instagram by tagging us @Wiltoncakes.

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  1. Dianna Josey says:

    Hi I’m sorry I have a question I was watching a show on TV last night and this lady said she made her flowers out of sugar and there is no fondant in her flowers. And what I want to know what is the difference in the Butter Cream, Fondant, and Gum paste? and how do you make it?

    Thank you. Dianna

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