Cake decorators, rejoice, October 15th is National Cake Decorating Day! Whether you’re a professional baker or you like to dabble in your free time, gussying up your creations is easily the most fun and satisfying part of baking. As the big day approaches, we want to answer a few questions that both pros and novices alike have about how to take their cakes from drab to fab! Using the expertise and tools of our very own Wilton experts, we’re here to help guide you along every step of the way!


An artist is only as good as the tools that are available to them, and luckily we have some fabulous tools that make decorating your cakes easy and fun!

The 2D tip is capable of piping rosettes and swirls, along with stars, zig-zags and loops. Your imagination can run wild with this multi-use tool that can transform your cakes and cupcakes into eye-catching gems! See below for a video presentation of the 2D tip and how you can use it to make the decorated desserts of your dreams!

For other tools for your decorating needs, take a look at our Bake It Your Own page for handy kits that make piping flowers and working with fondant simple and fun.


What good is a beautiful dessert unless it tastes as fabulous as it looks? We have some expert recipes for icing and toppings – in particular our renowned buttercream frosting recipe  – to make your baking as delicious as it is dazzling.

Serving Tips

When planning a party to show off your decorating chops, it’s important to know how many servings are appropriate for the number of guests you have in attendance. Our handy Cake Baking & Serving Guide breaks it all down for you, so you can confidently shop for ingredients and set your optimal cook time for a perfectly-baked dessert to decorate!

Decorating Tips

Now that you have all your tools and a plan of action, it’s time to have some fun! For decorating tips from the experts, follow along with the how-to tutorials on our video gallery page. Learn how to jazz up your cake with sprinkles, or stack a tiered cake like the pros. We also have plenty of recipes and projects to keep you inspired!

Another fantastic way to get decorating tips is from fellow baking lovers such as yourself. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @wiltoncakes to discover more decorators and learn their tricks and tips for making baked goods both stunning and tasty!

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