Our Favorite Friendsgiving Ideas

November 16th, 2018 by Desiree Smith

If Thanksgiving had a cool aunt, it would be Friendsgiving. It has all the same delicious food and festive flair, minus the uncomfortable dress clothes, political talk and questions from your parents. Whether you’re skipping the annual family celebration or looking for an extra excuse to get your favorite people together, Friendsgiving is the perfect way to enjoy the spoils of Turkey Day in a laid back setting.

If you’re hosting, we recommend a low-stress approach; keep decorations simple with an assortment of candles and gourds, establish a casual dress code and encourage your guests to bring a dish. If you’re attending a Friendsgiving dinner, here are a few ideas to make your dish the hero of the potluck!

Leaf-Topped Mini Pumpkin Pies

Upgrade the traditional pumpkin pie with these super Instagrammable single-serve desserts. Make like a leaf and get on these mini pies!

Find the Recipe Here

Classic Turtle Cheesecake

Easy enough to whip together the day before but fancy enough for a holiday gathering, this classic cheesecake is rich with swirls of caramel, drizzles of chocolate and lots of crunchy pecans. A guaranteed crowd pleaser!

Find the Recipe Here 

Flavor Kit Blondies

We love these blondies when you have a large crowd to feed! Opt for the Brown Butter, Maple and Pecan Flavor Kit for dessert bars that taste like sweater weather.

Find the Recipe Here

Smoky Sweet Potato Sage Biscuits

Everyone loves bringing desserts to a potluck. Be the Friendsgiving MVP when you show up with a batch of savory, smoky sweet potato biscuits. The combination of mashed sweet potato and sage basically qualifies these as a vegetable.

Find the Recipe Here 

Bourbon Bread Pudding

While a bottle of bourbon is definitely an acceptable Friendsgiving side dish, why not go the extra mile with this ultra-hygge bourbon bread pudding? Buttery croissants and a boozy caramel topping takes this from regular bread pudding to cool bread pudding!

Find the Recipe Here


Cranberry Brie Bites and Creamy Chocolate Tarts

A two-for-one — these little tartlets will satisfy an entire crowd. Use half of your mini muffin pan to make decadent brie bites and the other half to create gold-dusted chocolate tarts.

Find the Recipe Here 

Goat Cheese and Spinach CHive Tart

This savory tart is easy to pull together in a pinch since its foundation is a store-bought pie crust. Creamy goat cheese and an immune boosting layer of spinach makes this a very popular appetizer.

Find the Recipe Here

PUmpkin Cupcakes

A festive alternative to the classic pumpkin pie, these pumpkin cupcakes are easy to make and great for larger parties. Homemade cream cheese frosting will ensure these get gobbled up!

Find the Recipe Here 

Making one of these desserts for your own Friendsgiving? Don’t forget to snap a picture and share it with us by tagging @Wiltoncakes! For more inspiration this Thanksgiving, check out our Fall Favorites.

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