Wilton’s Secrets for the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever

February 22nd, 2018 by Desiree Smith

Salted Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies | Wilton


Delicious, uncomplicated and perfection when paired with a cold glass of milk, the chocolate chip cookie is the ultimate symbol of childhood nostalgia. It’s no surprise that the Wilton staff are extra passionate about their chocolate chip cookie technique — so we decided to poll our office experts to learn their secrets. Here’s what they had to say!

Be patient and let those cookies cool!
Stephanie M. | Assistant Culinary Specialist
Be sure to let the cookies cool on the pan for about 5 minutes after they come out of the oven. It’s tempting to eat them right away, but allowing them to cool for just a few minutes will keep them from falling apart — and they’ll still be warm!    

Get funky with your chocolate chips.
Cherise S. | Decorating Manager
I like to use irregular chocolate chunks instead of chips; each bite is a new experience with varying bites of chocolate.

Opt for a shorter bake time.
Nina P. | Web Specialist
When making chocolate chip cookies, I always bake them to the minimum time.  When I take them out, they’re still a bit gooey, but once they cool, they’re the perfect chewiness.

Swap vanilla pudding for sugar!
Kayla V. | Web Manager
Use vanilla pudding mix instead of sugar to make the best chocolate chip cookies ever!

Use a cookie scoop for professional quality cookies.
Lulette G. | Social Media Manager
I use a cookie scoop when putting the dough onto the baking sheet. It saves me time and my cookies turn out more uniform-sized. And as a bonus, they keep my hands clean!

Elevate your cookies with a pinch of salt.
Elizabeth N. | Culinary Manager
I like to add a pinch of Maldon sea salt to the tops of my chocolate chip cookies before they bake. It gives them a nice crunch, and the sea salt adds complexity to the flavor.   

7 Ways to the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie
Ready to make your own batch? Here are a few of Wilton’s favorite recipes, from the OG classic to a few less traditional twists:


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