Want to learn how to make chocolate-covered pretzels with Candy Melts candy or how to use Candy Melts for chocolate-covered strawberries? Look no further! With this collection of 16 fun Candy Melts candy dipping recipes, you’ll be dipping, dunking and drizzling your way to tasty treats in no time!

Whether you dip, dunk or drizzle your Candy Melts candy, you’re bound to find something worth trying in this list of 16 fun Candy Melts candy dipping recipes! From candy apples to drip cakes, this list will show you how to use Candy Melts candy to decorate and flavor all your favorite treats!

How to make chocolate-covered pretzels with Candy Melts

1. Rainbow Pretzel Rods

Great for birthdays, St. Patrick’s Day or any colorful celebration, these Rainbow Pretzel Rods are a fun and festive treat. Simply melt Lavender, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red Candy Melts candy, then pipe it over your pretzel rods. Arrange your candy-coated pretzels in a vase or use them to decorate a birthday cake.

2. Pastel Pretzel Rods

Pretzels get a magical makeover with this Pastel Pretzel Rods project. Perfect for princess parties and fairy tale birthdays, these colorful treats are a great way to keep kids fueled and entertained throughout the day.

3. Blue and White Dipped Pretzels

Great for handing out at sporting events or bringing to a tailgate party, these Blue and White Dipped Pretzels are a fun way to show off your team spirit! Made using small pretzel sticks, these treats can be customized with your team colors and packaged in a gift bag for a cute party favor. They would also be great for holiday gifts or wedding and baby shower favors.

4. BONUS! Dipped and Drizzled Potato Chips

If you love the salty-sweet combination, you’re going to love these candy-coated potato chips. An easy party snack that you can make in no time, these Dipped and Drizzled Potato Chips are great for birthdays, game days or just weeknights with the family!

How to make candy apples with Candy Melts

5. S’mores Candy Apples

Candy apples are way easier to eat when they’re dipped in Candy Melts candy. Great for summer nights by the fire, these S’mores Candy Apples are coated with a Light Cocoa candy shell, then topped with bits of graham crackers, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips for the ultimate summer dessert.

6. Candy-Coated Apple Slices

If you love candy-coated apples but don’t like the mess, you’re going to love these Candy-Coated Apple Slices. A great project for the kids, these candy-dipped apple slices can also be topped with additional toppings, like sprinkles and nuts, for added flavor and crunch.

Candy-covered apple slices on a lollipop stick

7. Candy-Covered Apple Lollipops

Here’s a fun after-school treat with a healthy twist! Decorated with Candy Melts candy and colorful sprinkles, these apple pops are sure to be loved by kids of all ages.

8. Cocoa and Caramel Apples

Can’t decide between caramel and cocoa? Enjoy a little of both with these Cocoa and Caramel Apples. A tart Granny Smith apple is dipped in caramel first, then coated with Light Cocoa Candy Melts candy. Finally, a sprinkle of chopped pecans gives these treats added crunch.

How to make a drip cake with Candy Melts

9. Sweet Vibes in a Snap Cake

Make any celebration just a little sweeter with this Sweet Vibes in a Snap cake. Iced with creamy vanilla buttercream and topped with a bright Candy Melts candy drip border, this cake is perfect for setting a sweet vibe!

10. Bright and Bold Birthday Cake

This Bright and Bold Birthday Cake is packed with great color and flavor! A simple iced cake is drizzled with melted candy, then finished off with a bright buttercream border and colorful sprinkles. Though this cake may take a while to decorate, it’s certainly worth the time!

colorful drip cake with buttercream spiral and sprinkles

How to use Candy Melts for chocolate-covered strawberries

11. Swirled Candy Strawberries

When one color just won’t do, these Swirled Candy Strawberries are a great option. Fun for weddings, holidays and everything in between, these candy-coated strawberries are a cute and simple way to customize your treats.

12. Dotted and Checked Dipped Strawberries

No plain dipped strawberries here! Topped with dots and checkerboard designs, these candy-coated strawberries have a fun graphic element.

How to make Candy Melts lollipops

13. Bold Candy Pops

These quick and easy Bold Candy Pops make a great addition to your birthday celebration. Made using Candy Melts candy and colorful jimmies, these pops are a clever way to use up any leftover candy you have from other projects.

14. Time Out for Candy Pops

Fun for any sports event, these Time Out for Candy Pops are easy to customize with your team’s colors and numbers. Start with a circle of Bright White candy, then sprinkle the edges with jimmies and nonpareils in your team colors. Finally, customize each pop with a different number to help show off your spirit!

Sweet Candy Melts Candy lollipops topped with sprinkles

15. Celebrate Something Sweet Pops

Every day is a reason to celebrate! Share a special moment or just find a reason to treat yourself with these Celebrate Something Sweet Pops. An easy treat for kids to make, these pops make great party favors or toppers for cakes and cupcakes.

How to decorate popcorn with Candy Melts

16. Candy-Drizzled Popcorn

Give the best snack ever a little colorful makeover with a drizzle of your favorite Candy Melts candy colors. Use holiday colors to decorate popcorn for festive occasions or use any combination of Candy Melts candy colors to make popcorn customized for your celebration. Serve your popcorn in little treat cups or package in gift bags for an edible party favor.

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