Adding buttercream succulents to your birthday cake or favorite dessert is a great way to turn a simple sweet into a trendy treat! Use variegated natural colors to impress your guests and really bring these edible plants to life!
These impressive edible gardens may look intimidating to recreate, but they can be done using fewer than 5 tips and only 2 basic piping techniques! Place the cactus and succulent on top of a cupcake for a single serving of the sweetest garden around.
Turn your mini cakes into little life-like deserts by using graham cracker crumbs as a bed of sand or crumbled chocolate cookies to look like soil! If you’re new to piping flowers or succulents, the cactus is a great technique to learn!
Using just one tip and a simple 3 step technique, you can easily create these beautiful leafy succulents to top your favorite desserts! Try combining different shades of natural colors for a unique color effect.
This cake is perfect for customizing to match your special occasion.Use icing colors to tint your frosting in whatever shade you’d like, then use a spatula to give your cake added movement and texture. Top your cake with buttercream succulents in an arrangement that suits you. Have fun with it!
Ready to show off your piping skills? Combine all these succulent techniques, plus a few more like the rose, mum, and drop flower, to create these fabulous cakes!
You can learn how to make basic icing flowers like the cactus and leafy succulent in our new How to Pipe Simple Icing Flowers kit which comes with all the tools and instructions you will need to pipe your own beautiful flowers!
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