7 Easy Christmas Dessert Recipes Yule Be Sure to Love!

December 19th, 2018 by Desiree Smith

holiday desserts

Believe it or not, Christmas is right around the corner. Before Santa makes his appearance, make sure you get your best Christmas dessert recipes ready! With these recipes, you can leave him some sweet holiday cheer – with enough left over for the whole family. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite Christmas desserts and treats that are sure to make this Christmas season one Yule remember for many years.

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Rosanna Pansino’s Santa Hat Mini Cakes

Little Santa hats for all your party guests, these adorable mini cakes make great holiday party treats.

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santa hat cakes

Christmas Cake Balls

cake balls

These homemade Christmas cake balls are easy, fast, and make great gifts. Throw a dash of sprinkles and turn these cake balls into delicious winter treats.

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Holiday Sugar Cookie bars

A new twist on an old holiday classic, these sugar cookie bars are the best of two Christmas worlds.

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cake bars

Christmas Sandwich Cookies

christmas sandwich cookies

Turn your favorite cookies into a white Christmas delight with these homemade Christmas sandwich cookies.

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Pull Apart Brownie Bite Christmas Tree

Fun for the whole family to decorate and eat. Turn holiday brownies into a festive, and edible, Christmas tree.

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christmas brownies

Holly Jolly Duo Tip Cupcakes

christmas cupcakes

Show off your decorating skills with these festive red and green Christmas cupcakes.

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Christmas Cookie Dunkers

Have some fun with your holiday sweet treats! Dunk these cookies topped with candy melts candy into hot cocoa or package them up to make great gifts for friends or family.

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christmas cookie dunkers

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