Decorating and piping is easy with the Wilton Dessert Decorator! Available in two styles, this handy decorating tool can be used to pipe everything from buttercream swirls to fillings for deviled eggs.

Looking for an easier way to pipe and decorate? Forgo the piping bags and try decorating with the Wilton Dessert Decorator. Available in two styles, this unique decorating tool features a thumb lever for easy piping and better control. It also comes with a selection of tips; however, you can use both models with most standard Wilton piping tips.

Great for anyone looking for an easy way to pipe swirls, stars, zig-zags and more, the Dessert Decorator makes it simple and fun to decorate anything from cupcakes to deviled eggs! Let’s take a deeper dive into this unique decorating tool.

What is the Dessert Decorator?

The Dessert Decorator is a tool designed for easier piping. It can be used to pipe buttercream, fillings, whipped cream and more.

There are two styles to choose from, the Dessert Decorator Plus and the Dessert Decorator Pro. Both have similar features, but vary in cost, style and material.

Dessert Decorator Plus

Features and Benefits: See-through cylinder; ergonomic design; thumb lever; pull-out plunger for pushing icing; includes tips and couplers

Material: Plastic (tips and couplers are also plastic)

Tips and Couplers Included Includes: 5 standard tips (round, star, petal, leaf, and filling tip) standard coupler and filling coupler

Use and Care: Cylinder, bottom ring, tips and couplers are top-rack dishwasher safe; hand wash plunger

Average Cost: $15.59 USD

Dessert Decorator Pro

Features and Benefits: See-through cylinder; ergonomic design; thumb lever; pull-out plunger for pushing icing; includes tips, couplers and a storage bag; also includes recipe and instruction booklet

Material: Stainless steel (tips are metal; couplers are plastic)

Tips and Couplers Included: Includes petal tip 125, star tips 4B and 1M, leaf tip 366, star tip 21, Bismark tip 230, standard coupler and large coupler; storage bag also included

Use and Care: Cylinder, outer sleeve, tips, couplers and bag are top-rack dishwasher safe; hand wash plunger

Average Cost: $36.39 USD

How to Use the Dessert Decorator Plus and Dessert Decorator Pro

To use your Dessert Decorator, prepare the cylinder with your desired tip and fill with buttercream (or whatever you’re piping). Attach the plunger attachment.

From here, you can use your Decorator as you would a tip and bag, only instead of squeezing the bag, you’ll push down on the thumb lever. As you push down, frosting will come out of the tip. When you release pressure, the frosting stops.

Use the top plunger to help push icing down towards the tip.

To switch tips, simply unscrew the coupler and attach a new piping tip.

Both Dessert Decorator models work best with soft fillings, such as buttercream, whipped cream frosting, cream cheese frosting, deviled egg filling and meringue. Do not use the Dessert Decorator for heavier fillings, such as cookie or Spritz cookie dough.

How to Clean Your Dessert Decorator

To clean your decorating tool, use the top plunger to remove all the remaining filling from the cylinder. Remove the plunger, coupler and tip from the cylinder.

All parts of the Dessert Decorator Plus and Pro are top-rack dishwasher safe except the plunger assembly, which should be hand-washed. If you’re using the Dessert Decorator Pro, you can place your tips and couplers in the mesh bag before putting it in the dishwasher.

Make sure all pieces are thoroughly dried before storing.

How to Store Your Dessert Decorator

Once washed and dried, the Dessert Decorator can be stored, either assembled or unassembled, until ready to use again.

The mesh bag that comes with the Decorator Pro can be used to store the tips and couplers that accompany your decorating tool.

Project Ideas for Using Your Dessert Decorator

Cover your cake with lovely rosettes using your Dessert Decorator and a standard star tip. This Rosy Rosette Cake is perfect for any celebration.

You can also use the Decorator Pro and the Bismark tip to fill pastries or cupcakes. Use it to add a filling to these Starry Chocolate Eclairs or pipe this Cream Cheese Filling into a batch of homemade red velvet cupcakes.

Both Dessert Decorator models are great for savory cooking, too! Make decorative Deviled Eggs by using the Pro or Plus to pipe your egg filling. You can also use the Dessert Decorator to fill other savory foods, such as manicotti or stuffed shells.

Here are a few other uses for your Dessert Decorator!

  • Filling cannoli
  • Piping decorative meringue cookies or pie toppings
  • Piping buttercream borders on cakes and cookies
  • Star fill-ins
  • Top treats with a swirl of whipped cream

And that’s all there is to it! With the Dessert Decorator Plus or Pro, you can easily achieve your pipe dreams, no matter what you’re making!

 What’s your favorite way to use your Dessert Decorator? Let us know in the comments below!