Craving a little taste of something sweet? No need to turn on the full-size oven. With these toaster oven dessert recipes, you can make small batches of cakes, cookies and other treats in no time!

Though most people just use it to make toast or heat up leftovers, the toaster oven is actually a great tool for baking a number of sweet treats. How is it better than a normal-sized oven? Let’s count the ways:

  1. A toaster oven is much smaller, so it heats up quicker and allows your treats to bake faster than they would in a normal oven.
  2. A toaster oven won’t heat up your kitchen like a standard oven does, great for these unusually warm summer days!
  3. The toaster oven allows you to make smaller batches of treats, great for a weeknight craving or if you’re baking for one or two people

To make it easier to bake your favorite treats in the toaster oven, we’ve developed a line of small toaster oven pans, perfect for making mini brownies, cookies, cakes and more.

Our Daily Delights Collection includes a mini donut pan, a mini fluted tube pan, a mini round pan and a mini square pan. Each toaster oven pan contains 12 cavities and is non-stick for easy release and quick cleanup.

And, to make it even easier, we’ve developed a few recipes specifically designed to work with these new toaster oven pans. These small batch recipes mean you can indulge in a little bite of something sweet whenever the craving hits! Make a quick batch of Toaster Oven Brownies before a family movie night or whip up some quick Mini Vanilla Donuts before Sunday brunch.

No matter what you’re craving (or when you’re craving it), you can enjoy a little bite of something sweet with these Daily Delights pans and these quick and easy toaster oven cookies, cakes, brownies and more!

Toaster Oven Baking Recipes

Toaster Oven Brownies

If you’ve ever wondered if you can make brownies in a toaster oven, we’re here to tell you that the answer is yes! Rich, chocolatey and oh so delicious, these Mini Brownie Bites are great for satisfying that chocolate craving. Top them with buttercream frosting and sprinkles or drizzle them with ganache to pump up the chocolate flavor.

Mini Chocolate Fluted Tube Cakes

For toaster oven desserts that are fun to decorate, look no further than these Mini Chocolate Fluted Tube Cakes. Great for topping with glaze, ganache and sprinkles, these little bite-sized cakes are fun to decorate with the kids. Serve them with a scoop of ice cream for a delicious treat everyone will love!

Mini Layered Toaster Oven Cake

Perfect for wedding showers, bridal showers or small birthday parties with friends and family, these Mini Layered Toaster Oven Cakes are a sweet treat you’ll love to eat! Flavored with vanilla extract and exploding with color, these mini confetti layer cakes can be stacked as high as you please!

Mini Chocolate Chip Toaster Oven Cookies

Bake up a batch of cookies any night of the week with these Mini Chocolate Chip Toaster Oven Cookies. Ready in under an hour, this classic cookie recipe is sure to be well-loved by kids and adults of all ages!

Mini Vanilla Donuts

Start the morning off right with these Mini Vanilla Donuts. Sure to get sleepy heads out of bed, this easy donut recipe bakes up in just about 10 minutes, so it’s great for busy and lazy mornings. Top your donuts with chocolate or vanilla glaze or roll them in a cinnamon and sugar mix for a delicious breakfast treat.

Daily Delights Tips and Tricks

  • Not seeing the recipe you need? These Daily Delights pans will certainly work with any other treat mix or recipe – just keep in mind that you may end up with extra batter or dough since the cavities in these pans are much smaller than standard bakeware.
  • These non-stick pans are also great for molding gelatin, ice cream or rice cereal treats.
  • Daily Delights pans can be used in a standard oven as well.
  • Each pan also features a silicone grip to make it easier to transport your baked goods in and out of the oven.

Do you love baking in your toaster oven? We’d love to see what you’ve made! Post a picture of your toaster oven treats on social media and tag us @wiltoncakes. And if you’ve used any of our Daily Delights pans, let us know what you think in the comments below!