Walking into the baking and decorating aisle can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a newbie decorator! With rows and rows of tips, spatulas, bakeware, cake supplies and more, finding the must-have tools you need to get started can be difficult.

Well, worry no more! We’ve asked 7 sprinkle-savvy bloggers to tell us what their favorite, go-to Wilton product is and if they’d share a few tips and tricks for using it. Here’s what they had to say.

“My favorite and most reached for Wilton product is the 1M piping tip. It was one of the very first ones I got when starting my piping tip collection and continues to be a favorite of mine years after I started baking. I love how versatile it is – I use it for piping rosettes on cakes, adding ruffles to the top edge of layer cakes, filling macarons, creating roses on cookies, and adding a textured border to the edge of baked goods. I love to play around using buttercream and a piece of parchment paper before I start working on the cake itself, just to really test out the design that I am going to go for and to make sure that I have the angle and pressure on the bag correct.”

“Wilton has always been my go-to for cake decorating products! Not just for accessibility, but affordability. I love how any baker on any budget can afford to bake, decorate and serve cake to those they love around them. When thinking about what my favorite Wilton decorating product is, it’s honestly hard to choose! I use so many of them on a regular basis and have been pleased with how easy they are to use, as well as how the final result comes together using them. I couldn’t make cakes as I do without the cardboard cake rounds. They don’t stain or leave a greasy look like other ones do. They work perfectly and in combination with the cake lifter, I can easily transfer my cakes from the cake boards to the cake stand I want to display my cake on.”

“Without a doubt my favorite Wilton product is the Candy Melts Candy Melting Pot. I bake with chocolate pretty often and many times it needs to be melted before use. I love that I can just place the chocolate in the pot and go on with the recipe without worrying that I might burn the chocolate or that it will cool and settle too fast. I use the Candy Melts Melting Pot when I am melting chocolate for dipping and whenever I am photographing and need fresh melted chocolate for drizzling or dipping in an action shot. I plug in the pot next to me set and use it knowing it is safe. The best way to clean the bowl after use is to let the chocolate cool and harden, then peel it off the flexible bowl. This makes for a quick and easy clean up!”

“My favorite Wilton product is my 9 in. angled spatula. From filling, frosting and decorating cakes, I don’t think I could live without it! Although a spatula isn’t super flashy or anything, it continues to be one of my most used kitchen tools. I primarily use my angled spatula for frosting layer cakes, but I find myself constantly reaching for it for an assortment of tasks. The angled handle makes filling even cake layers a breeze and keeps my fingers from interfering with the straight sides and crisp top edges of my cakes.  I also use the tip of the spatula like a painter’s palette knife when wanting texture on my cakes, like for flowers, waves or more abstract cake designs.  

Depending on the task at hand, try to concentrate the pressure applied on different areas of the spatula. For example, focus your attention on the middle of the spatula when smoothing out frosting on the top of cake for more even, flat layers (instead of dragging the tip into the frosting). Alternatively, use just the tip of the spatula for more precise buttercream applications.”

“My favorite Wilton tool by a mile is the cookie lifter! I have been making sugar cookies for 14 years and this has continually been my must-have kitchen tool. I teach classes and tell every student they need to run to Wilton to stock up on at least two or three of these for their kitchen drawers! The cookie lifter is necessary for lifting cookie dough onto a cookie sheet with ease. The thin edge makes it easy to transfer soft dough to a cookie sheet, as well as remove warm cookies from the baking sheet to a cooling rack. I use this tool not only for cookies but to lift cakes, cut brownies, and scramble eggs and ground beef! I have at least eight of these in the drawers at Jenny Cookies Bake Shop and another three at home. I can’t live without my Wilton cookie lifter!”

“One of my favorite and most used Wilton tools (among many others) is the large 20-inch silicone rolling pin. I use it every day to roll out cookies, yeast doughs and fondant. I love the sleek design. It’s longer than most rolling pins I’ve used in the past, allowing me to roll out large pieces of fondant and cookie dough, especially when making gingerbread houses. It doesn’t stick to the yeast dough as other rolling pins do. I also use it to roll out yeast dough for my homemade hot dog buns, Moravian Kolache and even pizza. It’s super easy to maintain – store it away from sharp utensils and wash it with warm water. When rolling out fondant, use a little bit of corn starch to prevent sticking.”

“One of my favorite Wilton products is the Icing Smoother Comb Set, used in conjunction with the Cake Icing Smoother. The comb set is super versatile, and I love that I get six different textures from the three combs. I use them to add designs like ridges and waves to my cakes, and it’s a fast and easy way to give cakes a professional finishing touch. I also use the combs to create buttercream stripes and the Icing Smoother to smooth out the striped cake at the end, to get the sides perfectly flat and even. My biggest tip for using these combs is to start with a lot of frosting on the sides of your cakes because you’ll be scraping quite a bit off as you use them!” 

Do you have a favorite go-to Wilton product? Let us know what it is in the comments below! Or, share a picture of it on social media and tag us @wiltoncakes!